Feb 14, 2012

Baby Harper Seven out with Daddy Beckham

Yes, Harper Seven's stealing the scenes and snapshots from paparazzi lately. Because,

1. She is real cute.
2. His Daddy is David Beckham!!!

Not many ladies can sleep on the chest of David Beckham, this YOUNG!!!

Harper Seven knows how to plays with the camera when going straight against papz! Let's see how Harper Seven do when his daddy bring her out of town lately.

SMILE! Yes, like daddy, like daughter! (*I'm proud of my daddy!*)

Okay! This is AWWWWWW!!!!!! Sweet!

Can't deny David Beckham is one of the hottest daddy on Earth but do you know he's such a caring daddy as well? He's been spotted gently holding Harper Seven head closely to his face to protect her from flash light from the paparazzi when he's walking out from a restaurant. Cool!

(PS : Wonder what's in Harper Seven's mind when she knows she has the hottest yet caring daddy? )