Jan 26, 2013

Burger Bakar Pioneer Abang Burn: What is the HOT factor?

"You're not a Malaysian if you never ate a burger bakar before!", quoted by HY aka me, the author. Yeaaaa~ You gotta accept the fact that burger is the new trend and instead of doing the franchise fast food burger and fusion burger, BURGER BAKAR is something more local and to me it's more REAL (hmmm since in Malaysia we are more familiar with roadside burger since we were young, or maybe only for me....*sigh*).

I give it a shot to Burger Kaw Kaw last time, overall I like it so much that I start to look for the traces of other burger in town and I found Burger Bakar Abang Burn, rumors said, "Pioneer of Burger Bakar". So, can't help but to go for it and the tempting part is that they have lamb patty. GGGGAAAHHHH, kill all the lamb (violence alert)!!

Burger Bakar Abang Burn.

Good thing to know that Burger Bakar Abang Burn has built their colony around KL area and Johor so I don't have to go all the way to Nilai but just to stop by Kota Damansara to get a bite of Burger Bakar.


There are 3 variety of patties, chicken, beef and lamb. And you can choose normal, burn cheese, burn cheesy to burn special on the burger you choose. Basically, the difference is on the cheese and cheese sauce. Since I'm in hurry (and still I went to try out burger bakar....*applause*), so I just take away my burger instead of eating there. But the place there is okay for dine in as it is in Tanjung Village Food Court at Kota Damansara. Surprise that I don't need to wait long, just one customer before me......man is this a bad sign? I order a Chicken Burger and Burger Bakar Kambing Burn Cheesy. 

And my piece of advice is, don't take away the burger, eat on the spot!

Lamb burger all flooded in sauces.

Burger "goreng" Ayam.

Chicken Burger side view.
The lamb burger is flooded with sauce, that's the only disappointment in it. The patty is sooo huge, love it only that if they can marinate it more. Chicken burger is less impressive compared to Burger Kaw Kaw. Not marinated and good thing is that they have fried abalone mushroom in it but bad thing is that there is too much dough around the mushroom causing it taste a little soggy and oily. Perhaps if I ate it on the spot it will be different.

Overall, the lamb burger is okay, worth trying but the chicken burger is so so, would highly recommend Burger Kaw Kaw chicken burger. That's it my burger adventure!