Jan 31, 2011

Greyson Chance, the rising star who's been waiting outside the lines!

A 13 years old boy, with an oustanding vocal, combining his talented play on piano with his vocal, gives us an amusement on his music....and he is Greyson Chance, the rising star!

Greyson, new kid on the block!

This young little dude (I'm refering Greyson as young little dude simply because I'm not that young anymore...seriously, it's because he got his debut single at 13 and he can sing! What did I do when I'm 13?), well Greyson signed on Ellen DeGeneres's label and released his debut single at 13 years old. No kidding!

And why should we pay so much attention on Greyson? Yes, it's a common scene that nowadays lotta teens get to have their debut album at very young age, but not many of them can really sing. Greyson, it's an exception. He's unique. Recently I've been listen to a song on radio, can't remember the title but I recognize the vocal because it's very special, it's different from other vocal. Later, I found a video on a boy did a cover on Lady Gaga "Paparazzi" on Youtube (Among all the Gaga song, I love the Papz song the best, especially the stage performance Gaga did on VMA, stunning!). Back to the video, the vocal sound a lil' familiar to me....after some research on the net, it's him...Greyson!

This boy has a really cool voice!

He's young but he's very different! Why? He has a deep voice that most teen don't have at this young age! His vocal is stable. I wonder why people love to compared him with Justin Bieber! Greyson and Bieber is definately in different league. Greyson can sing, and I hope that for his upcoming album (he got a debut single...), he will stick to what he's good at instead of going mainstream.

Greyson's debut single, Waiting Outside the Lines.

Yes, the song I've listened for months without knowing the title is Waiting Outside the Lines. You never get bored listening to this song. Here's the mv for the song!

My first thought after knowing Greyson is the one singing waiting outside the line is....I was strucked! I mean, the vocal is really good and stable at his age. I'm quite into his cover on Fire by Augustana. Personally I love Augustana a lot and I think Greyson did a really nice cover on that! Here's another Greyson's performance on Empire State of Mind.

He had another two original song by himself on Youtube, Stars and Broken Hearts. You can go and check out as well. Just in case that you "accidently" fell in love with his vocal like I did, you can follow him on twitter @greysonchance . We'll see how the Rising Star would strike the music industry with the release of his debut album! We will keep our eyes on you, target locked...Greyson (*Grin*...oh how evil am I!!!)!

(PS : Can't wait for his album. He will shine or should I say he ald shining?)

No more bromance for Brad and Clooney?

The most typical hollywood Bromance "icon" Brad and Clooney finally "split"!!?

Is that true for this charming bromance couples or....just a rumor?

According to Hollywood sources, Brad and Jolie with their big BUNCH of kids visiting Clooney Italian home and turn out the kids having a "world war II" by trashing down all Clooney's stuffs. So, it end up Clooney kinda "burst" aka furious when he saw the mess made by Brad's kids and he has banned Brad bringing the kids to come to his house (Clooney act like FIFA, innit?).

"Do ya see the mess?"

Clooney has been rumored saying that he not really like Jolie and Jolie is not that happy with Clooney giving bad influence to her Brad by partying and drinking a lot (Oh man, is that so true?). All these things happened and sum up with the mess that made by Brad's kids, well it's quite make sense or acceptable that Clooney burst.

We love prank!

But who knows? It might be one of the prank played by Clooney and Brad to the paps! We know they love prank, right? But, I dont think so they will really "split" by this small little tiny thingy. I bet they are still fine now. They are the ICON, the bromance's!

(PS : If that really happened, then we'll ask Coen bros to make another Burn After Reading movie for both of them, and they will be good as they used to be! How about that!)

Jan 29, 2011

SONY NGP aka PSP 2....smart gaming device?

Sony bring a trend storm to the gaming industry by "leaking" the news of Sony will be having a new product released SOON!

Sleeky slim NGP aka Next generation Portable.
After some silent moment from Sony without having any new stuff since PSP Go and I guess until Nintendo speak out on their Nintendo 3DS, Sony gave us this NGP news. I guess gamers out there is thrill and excited on the release of NGP. So, it will be a smash up between NGP and Ninitendo 3DS in the gaming market which will be the time where the gamers need to toss their coin to choose between or....maybe they will get both of them.
So, what so cool on this NGP?

-Front and rear touch screen : Ya, Sony make up their mind to have touch screen on this new device which is really cool! The coolest thing is that they having both front and rear touch pad, you didn't hear me wrong. This gaves the gamer to feel more into their game character.

Front and rear touch pad.
-Android system : Hell yeah, so now I can throw my iPhone away and get myself a NGP! I dont really need a phone, a gaming device is good enough for me! So now, we can not only playing game from PS but also mobile gaming.

-5 inch OLED : Larger screen, clearer view! Sharper color and you can turn every angle and still get a clear and nice screen view of the game! I LOVE this!

-Dual analog stick :FINALLY!!! We need dual analog stick to play game, do ya know how suffering is it to feel that the another analog is not there when we playing the previous portable...!

-3G, wifi, GPS : Social network, multiplayer mode is the trend of the technology, so Sony get this step done!

-AR, Gyrosensor : The technology I've been craving so much whenever it comes to...technology? Yes, AR and gyrosensor play such an important role when it comes to gaming that you can't even differentiate between the reality and virtual!

-Front and rear camera : Gaming or camera purpose, it's up to you!

-New game media (memory flash card)- More capacity, more game, so that it wont eat up the space that the device could be thinner and smaller!

Everything seems to be so cool, nice and awesome ! But....there is always a BUT, the question now is :
-The price:We dont expect much it will be really affordable, don't even think about it will be cheaper than Nintendo 3DS...different specs, different price.

-Battery life : Yup, how long can it last?

-The UMD thingy : Since there is no UMD, I expect it to be digital like Go....we gotta spent a lot on that huh?

-The Go Store : Where is our Go Store? Since the release of Go, rumor (rumor always turn out to be the truth....) says there will be a Go store for digital gaming file, something like PSN but a special store for Go. I guess the NGP need the digital gaming file like Go did.

Well, Go is consider not that success but for this NGP, personally I feel like Sony making a big leap ahead the technology, which is a really cool thing, the gyrosensor, front and rear touch pad....now I know why Steve Jobs having a medic leave (Kidding). Expecting NGP to mark a new era on gaming industry! Hopefully, it can do something with the digital stuff! I would like to call NGP, the smart gaming device!

(PS : It's so clear that I don't think I can afford for NGP, I would be much appreciate if someone would buy me a NGP along with some of the games! WANT it so bad! :D)

Jan 25, 2011

Dark Knight Rises : What's the Night Guardian up to?

After Batman, the Dark Knight "killed" Harvey Dent in the Batman the Dark Knight, he start to run away and chased by his friend, Commissioner Gordon. This is the only clue left for us in Batman the Dark Knight. Director Christopher Nolan "rises" again after the Dark Knight and came with the third one, Dark Knight Rises!

Dark Knight coming back in town...

As we know in the first one, the movie ends with telling us that the Joker will be the villain in the second one, the Dark Knight (which is potrayed by Heath Ledger and is the best batman villain ever potrayed! Salute! ). For the Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan didn't tell much on the third one!

However, the Dark Knight Rises has start shooting and they have cast Anned Hathaway as Catwoman (Now we know who's in!) and the villain goes to........Tom Hardy!!!! So, which villain is Tom Hardy playing? Sorry to say no Riddler for this one! They go for Bane, the masked Venom guy!

Don't you guys think that Anne Hathaway is a little bit too sweet for the role of catwoman?

Tom Hardy need to bulk up a bit for the role of Bane!

Well, personally I'm not very confident with the casting of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Hmm, Catwoman should be a lil' naughty and sexay but Anne Hathaway seems to be too nice and sweet for the role! Well, we won't know until the day we saw Hathaway with the catwoman suit on! While for Tom Hardy, he need to go to the gym for some body build up as we know Bane physically is quite BULKY!

I always expecting a lot for the villain in a Batman movie. I mean look at the Batman movie history and look at their casting on villain and the villain they choose! I think the villain in Batman is very interesting in a point where I love the villain more than Batman himself! Haha! A little disappointment on having Bane as the villain in Dark Knight Rises, I mean it would be really cool if they have the Riddler or the Calender Man.

What is the role of Commissioner Gordon in Dark Knight Rises? The friend or the cop?

Jim Gordon will be played by Gary Oldman again in the movie. And this time he will balance up between helping Batman as a friend while hunting him down as Commissioner Gordon. Well, Gary Oldman once say that he is very interesting in playing Batman's villain the Riddler, I mean Nolan can actually consider about this, we know how villain Gary Oldman can be! Morgan Freeman back as Lucius Fox and batman's butler, Alfred will be played by Michael Cain again!

Another character I'm pretty looking forward to will be Robin....Batman's best sidekick! I mean in a movie, drama or cartoon series, when there is Batman, we will always see Robin as well. But I think Nolan will be concentrating more on Batman himself. By the way, there will be a cameo by the Joker (Heath Ledger) in Dark Knight Rises!

( PS : And psss, this will be Christian Bale last Batman's movie! So, who will the next Batman? Whoever it is, I still love Iron man the most, hahaha!! I'm with Marvel!! )

Jan 22, 2011

New Spidey, new suit!

Spiderman update!!!

Yes, it's our new Spidey, Andrew Garfield first photo as Spidey!

Spidey looks sad.

The new suit is definately been "modernized" in another way is not too cartoonized. The color is darker, well it's different from the dark spidey suit from the previous Spiderman 3 where that time we still having Tobey Maguire as our spidey.

Garfield looks thin and tall as the new Peter Parker aka Spiderman. And I feel that he's not that nerdy as Peter Parker or Tobey Maguire used to be in Spiderman. From this photo, Spidey looks like he just got into a fight but what trigger my curiousity is that he's still having his college bag carrying on his shoulder...(Hmm squeezing my brain...what is this all about?) Oh no! Don't tell me he dump his suit in the garbage bin again and he grab it back again!! (Kidding!)

Okay, at least now we know how Andrew Garfield look like as our new Spidey! It's a PASS!! Now we need to wait and see how his acting in Spiderman!!!

(PS : Avenger, Avenger, Avenger is coming!!! I wonder who will direct Iron man 3....worrying.)

The Fifth Element review : A good starting sample of Futuristic

This is one of the most classic science fiction of all time and I bet lot of people watched this movie before. The same goes to me where I watch it when I'm still a kid, not really knowing who's the actor, what they doing...and to be honest, back to that time I really don't know what this movie all about!!

What's the Fifth element?

I watch this movie again few days ago. Just to reminisce what is the storyline. I found out that this is a very different science fiction compared to the other science fiction movie nowadays. I actually feel relaxing, not that tense and have a good laugh on this one!

So, basically this movie is talking about some evil power or alien is going to vanish the Earth and the human must gather the five elements together to save the Earth. However, the fifth element is taken away by the Monascheiwans so that they can protect the element. When they return to give the fifth element back, they are shot down by Mangalores (Some really UGLY monster/alien....). The human manage to re"build" one of the Monascheiwans who is Leeloo (Milla Jovovich) and she, with the help of Korban (Bruce Willis), together trying to find the four elements as well as the fifth one. Of course, since this is a Movie, things won't go this smooth. A bad merchant Mr.Zorg (Gary Oldman) stop them because he want the four elements too, which is some stones.

Bruce Willis looking good in Fifth Element.

First of all, I'm kinda shocked because this is a Luc Besson's movie! He did really good in The Professional which is one of the movie I really like! Well, I like this one too! I mean I feel very...hmm, it's not like the common science fiction where we will get the tense and wonder what's going on (I understand we have the common feeling what's going on in a science fiction but what I mean is the terrify feeling.). But this one is more relaxing and you can easily follow the story flow with a good laugh!

I'm pretty impressed that Luc actually create the language of Leeloo with Milla Jovovich. THAT sound like a language and this is one of the most expensive movie ever made (not included Hollywood movie). And back to that time, 1997, I mean the concept is really good! Luc wrote the storyline and have all this scientific futuristic settings, mobiles, weapons, the monster going on on the set which is consider really, really outstanding! I'm quite impress with the flying/floating cars, the buildings!

Before she start fight the zombie, she WAS an alien.

Bruce Willis is looking good in this movie. Well, he born to be in an action film. With Bruce in a movie, you never really need to worry about the action part. And....emm, for Milla Jovovich, she is a little bit too sexy in this one. Haha, I prefer the later Milla, that one that fight zombie! The character Ruby Rhod is really funny, well, he is annoying as well but he bring a lot of laughter to the audience in the later part of the movie!

Mr. Zorg, the pretty funny villain.
Jean-Baptist Emanuel Zorg, you know that how complicated is this guy just by looking at his name. He got a fashion-edge hairstyle, weird accent and behaviour, awesome weapons and a pig-like pet. Played by Gary Oldman (Heard that he say yes to Luc before he saw the script and he got shocked when he first saw the costume, but Gary played it well!). This is really funny that few times he didn't get the four elements and only getting an empty case. And how he got choked by a cherry! I think Gary Oldman should really go for comedy. That would be really funny. I like him so much anyway!

I like the idea of putting the five elements together in the last part where usually they will only put in all the stones and *tada* they save the Earth! At least Luc put something in it like how they need to "activate" the stones. The flying chinese store that serve Bruce in the movie is really awesome too! And there's one scene have been doubting my mind. The scene where the Evil call Zorg and warned him on getting the elements for the Evil, suddenly there is something like dark color liquid dripping off from Zorg's forehead. I'm quite doubting what is that! I mean that's couldn't be blood because why Zorg wiped it off, I don't see any wound or scar and it can't be sweat too as Zorg look so surprise when he found out this liquid on his forehead. So, my guess is maybe some kinda Evil's power or actually I thought the Evil will appear after the liquid dripping, you know, maybe some kinda Alien look-alike creature!
I think this movie is okay (In a satisfy tone)! Very entertaining! Very funny! Although the costume and character might be a little weird. Haha! But I enjoy this movie! A yes from me!
(PS : "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!" Ah, I love this line!)

Jan 17, 2011

Book of Eli Review

It's one of the movie where once it is released, it turn out to provoke tons of controversy over the storyline, some of the facts in the movie and the "book" that Eli has been protecting from the beginning.

This is not an apocalypse movie.

The story is set in post-apocalyptic after a devastating war cause the vanish of town and city, shortcoming of foods and drinks. A man, Eli (Denzel Washington) protect a sacred book that believed to bring the strength to him and an unrevealed or unknown book (for the others) acrosing the America to the West and fight through his journey, met up with Solara (Mila Kunis) who is used by Carnegie (Gary Oldman) to seduced Eli and get the book from him.


In this movie, Denzel Washington play a man that is sooo good in fighting, slicing, shooting and killing to protect the book to the West. Denzel is as good as we always see him in a movie. The only things he got in this journey is a book, weapons, a iPod or Zune (Not really sure about that!) and some hunting for foods like cat. I love how they working on the setting after the war, where everywhere is damaged and in this movie, it looks really alike. As well as the peoples in the movie where they are lack of clothes, where they only rob/grab from people wearing leathers, boots. I think the director manage to give a good shot in all the settings. That's really fit and perfect to be a post apocalypse surroundings.

The bad guy? I dont think so.

While for Gary Oldman's character, Carnegie. Actually I don't think so he's the Bad Guy! He build the city, he got the water source, he wants the book from Eli so that he can kinda rebuild the community but he let the power over ruled himself. So he did it in a not-so-right way but asking people to take it from Eli. Wrong intention!

Okay, the book is actually a Bible. Some says Eli protecting a deadliest weapon and after revealed, it's only a bible!? I'm not so agree with this. Some of them says this is a Christian movie. I'm not so agree with this too. Well, people were too , could I say skeptical, after they watch this movie. Let's say it in this way. In this movie, all of this things happened after a war, a very damaging event where people is short of survival source like food and water. You walk out of the roof and you will exposed yourself to a UV exposed surroundings or you will get killed by others just because they wanna eat you! So, people are lost of hopes, they become uncivilised.

Somehow, Eli got the Bible (You'll know how he get it in the movie....although I think it can be alter into another better way of finding the Bible. ) Eli is driven by the power of his beieves in his religion. This somehow gave him the motivation to survives and protect the Bible. And Carnegie want the Bible too because he believes in it. In a world like that, for some people, religion is the biggest motivation for them to survive. People misunderstanding that whole lots of people or all of the peoples in this movie is going after a book. Nope, it's only happened between Carnegie and Eli...I mean in this movie. So, I don't think it's a little bit too concentrating on religion and this movie just happened to be using a Bible as the Book.

The set with the director and cast of Book of Eli.

The end of the last controversy lead to the beginning of another controversy, the eyes. I don't feel like talking too much on it because it might be a spoilers. I can't really accept the fact of the eyes thingy but somehow some of the scenes explained and proves that it can be accepted but some didn't I guess the director don't want us to knew it too early so he make it more unnoticeable by balanced up the scenes.

The fighting scenes is really cool, I like that! I feel like Eli is an assassins ninja in this movie, the knife is really cool! And he's fast! I think the beginning till the middle end part of the movie is quite nice but the ending part will be a little controversy, well it's actually depends on yourself. For me, I'm okay with it. The starting of the movie remind me of I Am Legend, a loner's journey fighting for his life. It's watchable, I think. I mean at least the cast is attractive enough! I'm enjoying watching Oldman as Carnegie, it's kinda creeped me out!

(PS : Not bad but I hope that this movie will be having more fluctuation. My technorati claim token is U24G4W7WWHYU )

Jan 14, 2011

Spike Video Game Awards 2010 Screening Review

The Spike Video Game Awards (VGA) is BACK!

The VGA, so called the Oscar of the gaming industry 2010 took place in LA at 11th of December 2010 brought us a new sight on how far the gaming industry has grown and the merge between technology and game on the awards show. (Well, for me, gaming is TECHNOLGY!)

Was really glad that I was invited to view the VIP screening on VGA 2010 by Animax! So that I can catch a glimpse of what's-going-on on the VGA 2010!

It's all about gaming!
This year, they are having Neil Patrick Harris as the host! Our Mr. NPH did a really STUNNING opening for the show by shooting up all the dancers that did the opening for him! Yeah, we love shooting! One of the gaming biggest's obsession! VGA 2010 also having familiar faces like Tony Hawk, the PRO skater. They are having Oscar nominated director as well, Guillermo Del Toro, Dane Cook, Chris Hewsworth, Michael Chiklis, Dominic Monaghan, Oliver Munn and performance by My Chemical Romance!

That's really cool for this year VGA 2010 where they are actually having Augmented Reality (AR) for the home audience (Nah, too bad for live audience, they couldn't enjoy this on the awards show!) which really made the awards show look much cooler and that's the way it should be for a gaming awards show! Of course, the VGA 2010 is having some of the biggest, heart-pounding premiere of Resistance 3, Prototype 2 (Scream~), Forza 4 and Uncharted 3 (*fainted*).

So, here are some of the winners of VGA 2010 :

~Game of the Year
Winner : Red Dead Redemption
Urbanae think : My choices were twisting between Call of Duty : Black Ops or God of War 3! Look at the GRAPHICS, the storyline!!! Not that into Cowboy shooting games but the gamers and audiencs heart it! They go for Red Dead Redemption! What can I say?

~Studio of the Year
Winner : Bioware (Mass Effect 2)
Urbanae think : Everybody's a winner! Blizzard Entertainment, Bungies Studio, Rockstar San Diego and every game studio out there, they shares one dream, put lot of efforts, to create a best game and fulfill the needs of a gamer! SALUTE!

~Character of the Year
Winner : SGT. Woods ( Call of Duty : Black Ops )
Urbanae think : The winner should've been Ezio, just simply because....he's HOT! Gotta LOVE Assassins's Creed! Okay, John Marston ain't that bad too but totally not Kratos although God Of War is a damn nice game!

~Best Shooter
Winner : Call of Duty : Black Ops
Urbanae think : No comment! Totally agree with this! Black Ops deserves this award the best! Call of Duty ROCKS!

~Best Performance by a Human Male
Winner : Neil Patrick Harris as Peter Parker/Spiderman
Urbanae think : A Nay from me!!!! I will go for Gary Oldman as Sgt. Reznov. He's a british and he play a Russian Sgt with the accent! The awards winner should be him! I can't see any other can voice much better than him. FYI, if you check out Oldman's movie, there are almost all with different accents in each movie that sometimes I wonder who is Gary Oldman!

There are plenty of awards is presented on VGA 2010. And I love how they present the fighting of Hades and Kratos on the stage. Oh man! That looks like the fighting really took place on the stage!

For the world premiere of the games, some looks really cool and some looks quite mystery for me as they didn't show much of the gaming scenes. Well, I think the crew and production team put a lot of effort in enhancing and improving VGA 2010. The visual and AR is really awesome and this makes it looks much better than VGA 2009! The host is OKAY...for me and it's clear that VGA 2010 is less star-studded BUT the creativeness of the crews is really worth mentioning, you guys rocks!

Okay, I think I should keep my mouth shut now about babbling how was the show! Well, why don't you just watch VGA 2010 by yourself! Just tune in Animax at 23rd of January 2011 at 7.10pm and check it out, the Spike Video Game Awards 2010!!

(PS : Thanks Animax for the screening! Can't wait for all the nice games coming! Still digging my Little Big Planet 2~)

Jan 12, 2011

Leon, the Professional, A "killer" movie!

A professional killer, an innocent young girl, a psycho DEA agent....and a REVENGE!

The professional killer!

Leon, or the Professional (the movie title....) is all about a hitman or lone assassins, Leon, a really cool one by Jean Reno kill without emotion, with great assassin speed, and unpredictable tactics met this little young girl mathilda (Natalie Portman, holy, that is really young....just a small little girl), save her from a gang of DEA that is led by a psychotic leader, Stansfield (Gary Oldman!!! *Bling, Bling*) after Stans killed all her family members. This change both Leon and Mathilda's life and how Mathilda revenge for her family by the help of Leon, well Leon didn't agree on helping her but somehow the storyline lead him to help her.

Let's learn some shooting techniques!

This movie is really cool, it's really amazing on how the director, Luc Besson brings out the relationship between a 12 years old girl with a always-alone hitman! Natalie portman is sooo young but we can ald see that how talented she was back to that time, 1994. Jean Reno's charcater is calm, steady, cool! The way he kills or this sounds better, the way he clean up peoples is simple and clean!

I'm touched by the relationship between Mathilda and Leon, in the movie. I heard that the uncut version is much better, which will make you understand the movie clearer! This movie is not that bloody, the shooting and killing is consider real good back to 1994. Seriously, I never thought that the movie can be this great at 1994!

He's so high when he start killing!!!

Of course, the main attention of the movie goes to our Crazy-Scary-Gary Oldman! His psychotic performance in this movie is killing me! This might be one of my favourite villains's role of all time! Gary Oldman is so good in playing Stansfield, this psychotic cop is so psychotic that you don't really know what he's having in his mind! He can be sooo relaxing in the moment and be soooo freakin maniac in the next seconds, you gotta watch out especially he's having his gun with him!

Let's have some russian roulette in a birthday partay!!

Bang Bang! Oldman rocks!

I love one of Stansfield (Oldman)'s quotes in this movie which goes like this "I like these calm little moments before the storm!" just right after he took his pill and start swinging and talks like a psycho!!

I LOVE the part when Stansfield enter and kills Mathilda's family! No, I'm not a psycho...just love that scenes and Oldman's acting!! I wonder how Oldman comes out with this idea for Stansfield's psycho behaviour! It's really impress me a lots!!! You ROCKS, Gary!!!! And the part that Stansfield shoot the old lady is really funny, he didn't shoot but almost! It's really enjoying watching every Oldman's appearance in this movie! He outshines the whole cast in this one! Maybe it should name as Stansfield, the Professional!!!

Overall, it's a really nice movie, BRILLIANT! Well done, Luc Besson! I think the uncut version is much much much better! This movie is not about Leon alone, it's quite touching on his relationship with Mathilda and Oldman's performance in this is mind blowing! I love Oldman acting villain!!! It's a must watch, for me! Go and check it out! The Professional!

( PS : You better love Beethoven! Haha I hope Gary Oldman will take more on psychotic role! He's too good at that, and I wonder why he is so underated and the truth telling me that Gary Oldman is a really talented actor!!! C'mon, directors in Hollywood! )

Jan 10, 2011

Nobel Son, prize, pride or family?

Comedy, crime, drama, thriller! They made it! The cast and the director of Nobel Son!

This twisting, twisting, twisting, never ended twisting storyline movie is really good that I wonder why it is so underated!! Directed by Randall Miller (Applause!!), starred by Alan Rickman, Bryan Greenberg, Shawn Hatosy, Mary Steenburgen, Bill Pullman and Eliza Dushku. I will like to make a compliment to each and every of the cast member because each of them had a really awesome, talented act in this movie!

A group of people involved in a complicated kidnapping case.
Nobel son , a movie that tell the story of a womanizing, egoism lecturer/scientist, Dr Eli (Rickman) is honoured with Nobel prize and how the kidnapper, Thaddeus (Shawn Hatosy) kidnapped his son, Barkley (Greenberg). Detective Max (Pullman) investigate the kidnap case and helping his colleague/friend, Sarah (Mary Steenburgen) who is the wife of Eli to find back his son.

Rickman is a bad daddy in Nobel Son.

Alan Rickman's character in this movie is sooooooo hilarious yet quite annoying! His alter ego has shoot to the max limit and whenever he speak, he will or CAN annoyed everyone! Rickman is the funny element in this movie and the way he carried out the character is very "annoying"! I think Rickman should try out more on this kinda character! It's the most unique character among all Rickman's character, the chocolate bitting, tie chewing, the womanizing, the ego....oh can I put him on the burn after reading list? Smart people act stupidly.

The mother and son, Steenburgen and Greenberg, great! Detective Max, Pullman gave a nice act on the detective. Was shocked on Eliza Dushku's performance in the movie! Shock factor! She's a hottie anyway! Shawn Hotasy, the psycho and not so psycho kidnapper is a smart and not that smart guy in the movie! Overall, each of them play an important part and gave a good act in this movie!

Move away or Sarah will have you try the power mama's love bullet!!

Violent, suspense...put this movie into a great, complete action thriller yet funny! Most of the people say that the violent is a little bit too much. But I think it's just the correct amount. Well, if you were to cut off everything that what else we got in a movie? I love the movie where the director show the reality and the truth of human behaviour, each and every part! I don't like censored movie, well probably this is why Nobel Son did't make it into Malaysia's cinema. If it does, probably the movie will be left out with not more than 30 minutes scenes, I guess. Nobel Son is the movie that Faster's director should check out!

Thaddeus, make breakfast for his hostage's parents?

I don't want revealed too much, ya know spoilers! I think it's better for the audience to check out the movie by themselves! The movie is so "alright" that I can't find anything to complain about! Only some of the soundtracks not THAT nice. The mini cooper and the twisting kidnap condition add credits to this movie! The more it's getting to the end, the more interesting is the movie!

Beaten up by the kidnapper.
Personally i felt so close to this movie, well Rickman's character is a chemistry PhD holder. Chemistry, urgh, the term! This is a movie worth checking it out! Not really that violent, but one thing for sure, it's damn funny, the conversation! Okay, there is a little bit of action as well. Go for this movie, Nobel Son!

(PS : I love the line "When you do "D" work, you get a "D"" by Eli Michealson, that is soooo *speechless*. That's never happened in my uni though! Haha! Nice movie, nice actors, nice director! Going to check out more Miller's works!)

Jan 6, 2011

FASTER press screening review, not so fast!

Was really glad to be invited to the press screening of FASTER. Special thanks to G+ and GSC! Well, let's make this review fast and clear!

FASTER, starred by Dwayne Johnson (He prefer to be called this way instead of The Rock), Billy Bob Thornton, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Carla Gugino and Maggie Grace.

Are you fast enough?

So, there are 3 main characters in this movie, Dwayne Johnson the Driver, Billy Bob Thornton the Cop (love his character) and Oliver Jackson-Cohen the hitman. This movie talks about The Driver after jailed in for 10 years, he's coming back to revenge for the murder of his brother by a group of people. He had the list on hand and he's going after them and kill them one by one. While he's killing, the leader that behind the murder case of the brother hired the Hitman to killed the Driver. And this is the time where the Cop involves in this case and figure out who was behind all this with Detective Cicero (Carla Gugino).

The Driver is released.
The opening of the movie gave me a really bad sign as it is too much alike to Watchmen the movie. Draggy music with draggy opening....and, exactly the same with Watchmen in the sense of blurry introduction of what is going on in this movie. This bored me. And the director seems to be putting too much concentration on the sound effect, the starting of car engine sound, the gun trigger sound, the shooting....that is a little bit too much for me.

Car chasing between the Driver and the Hitman.
I only realize what is happening until halfway into that movie. The director is trying to use a flashback and slowly revealing what is happening technique. But the point is, the opening he didn't gave us too much infomation on it. The movie itself is lack of action, lack of suspense...in another word, it is incomplete. That's why it's really boring until they start to have a "little bit" action between the hitman and the driver.
Billy Bob Thornton's character grab my attention from the beginning of the movie. He's a drug addict and an useless cop. I can't find a better word to describe his character. Billy Bob Thornton is a good acting skill dude, he's like the only element that light up the movie. I gotta say that I dont think Dwayne Johnson did much in this movie (My point of view). Just an average performance from Dwayne Johnson. Thumbs up for Billi Bob Thornton's performance!

Sexy hitman!!!
Newcomer, Oliver Jackson-Cohen. Yes, for a newcomer, he's consider really good for his performance in this movie. He's a bit psycho, a perfectionist (I guess so...) and a one-dollar hitman! That's the funny part! Well, I guess he got a bright future, he got the look, he's young and he's quite good in acting (Not too sure but a few more movies might can help to proves it!).

The interesting part in this movie....nice cars and nice car chasing scenes! Ferrari and Chevelle! Visually satisfied by that! The killing could be a little more cruel (I'm not a psycho but I guess this kinda movie should have more and "nice" killing scenes), the director should put in more action and suspense! So that, it can only be called a complete action crime, thriller movie! And clearer introduction on the storyline, it's really confusing and boring!
Overall, it's lack of action, lack of suspense, lack of a little bit of this and that and too DRAGGY. Sorry but I gotta say it's bored. Not worth to watch! In the cinema, I was hoping that the movie will run a little bit FASTER though!
(PS: Hmm, bad movie day!! Going to check out some great movie!)

2011 Must Watch Movies

Yes, it's 2011! Instead of reviewing of what we had in 2010, why don't we move forward and see what we will have in 2011!

It's an alien year! Looks like Alien is a theme for the producer in 2011. We have some animation as well, and tons of action movie, of course...our favourite BLOCKBUSTER!!! Let's roll the list out and see what we've got, the most anticipated movie in 2011!!!!

~Fast Five

Are they FURIOUS enough?

Yup, nice cars, nice action dudes, a little bit of nice weapons! Fast five is so called fast and the furious 5! Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Paul Walker, some nice cars and ladies couldn't be wrong!!!

~Sherlock Holmes 2

Holmes and Watson is back, with a new gal!!!

Downey, Jude Law and the new lady, we will like to call her, the girl with the dragon tattoo....Noomi Rapace will hit the big screen in 2011 after the first sherlock holmes. Let's see how Guy Ritchie "armed" the Sherlock Holmes sequel....Moriaty? Ehem, let's wait and see what case we have in hand!

~Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows PART 2

Yes, Potter fans scream!!!! Because this is the last and the most important part! I'm expecting a lot for part 2 as the part 1 is great. Please make the battle of Hogwarts as good as LOTR! Can't imagine that it is finally come to an end.....for those who read the books, they knew what happened next (Like myself, sigh.).

~Cars 2

More cars?

Cars is BACK!!!! Pixar is back too!!! Lightning McQueen will go for an international adventure with his best friends in Cars 2. So, will we have the chance to catch maybe an AUDI R8 in it? Pray hard!!! Can't wait for that! Hopefully the soundtrack for Cars 2 is as good as the first one, of course, the animation as well!

~I am Number Four

I don't find any reason at all to watch this movie until I watch the trailer! Because.....they mention Malaysia!!! Yes, yes, Number 1 is killed in Malaysia, something like that! Just kidding! There are 9 of them and they are killed according to the number sequence...final destination? And now, it's Number 4...how can he escape from "them"? Only the audience know after they watch the movie!
~Captain America/ Thor
Marvel geek!!!!!! Yes, I gotta put two of this together, the Marvel gang! Must watch movie if you are looking forward for The Avengers!!! It's getting clearer, isn't it? I can feel Tony Stark must have at least one cameo in either one.....argh, aka RDJ aka Iron Man!!! Hmm, quite looking forward to Captain America although all the while, I still think that Brad Pitt is the one should be casted! Anyway, it's still a Marvel superhero movie....!!! It can't be wrong!
Everybody loves vampire! Except me, my exception to Edward...I dont like Edward but for this one, I think this would be a nice vampire-human battle movie. Not very sure about the cast, or should be lack of confidence on the cast but...the visual and fighting seems to be ain't-that-bad according to the trailer!
~Your Highness
James Franco, Natalie Portman, Danny Mcbride, Justin Theroux....and the title itself, it just sound like it's an adventure fighting, with lotta monster movie.....but, one exception....it's a comedy as well!!! I guess we can have a really good laugh while watching this movie although it might be a little silly...but who cares! From the trailer, i saw some really visually satisfy monster! Should be all right!!

~The Mechanic

We love action, we love weapons, we love Jason Statham...that's why we love The Mechanic! Something like hitman but with a slightly complicated storyline!

~Cowboys vs Alien

Alien attack!!!

The title sound really funny for me! Well, it's a Jon Favreau's movie.....no offend, I mean it must be really nice!!! Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig, Indiana Jones and James Bond! It must be something!!! I really don't understand why Robert Downey jr quits this movie.....maybe it looks a little nit like Iron Man!? Hmmm, well back to the topic, it's very clear. Cowboys vs Aliens! And see the little glove thing on Daniel Craig's hand! Look out for Alien's invasion!!!


Been mumbling about this Rango thingy since last year! Johnny Depp as a lizard! Personal must watch movie of 2011 recommend!!!

~Real Steel

They don't stink you like a bumblebee, they smash you like Bumblebee (Transformer)!

Jackman is back with his own "Iron Man"! Yes, Jackman fight in Real Steel but not himself....his robot made from steel FIGHT. Love robots? Love fighting? That's the one for you! Psss, love Jackman? Then, it's a must watch!

That's it...so far for 2011! May more GREAT and AWESOME movie join us later this year! By the way, paranormal activity 3, the three musketeers, the tree of life, the rite and unknown is still in waiting list for the most anticipated movie in 2011 for RIH!!!

(PS: Oops, almost forget....X-men as well!!! Wolverine is BACK!)

Jan 2, 2011

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Review

The first thing come into my mind when we talk about Narnia is the wadrobe! Yes, actually I was quite...hmm, should I say agree or fancy that the idea of entering to another world through a wardrobe.

Few years back, I watch the first one, Chronicles of Narnia. The idea was not bad but I guess during that time, there were plenty of big fantasy blockbuster in the market which made Narnia not that huge as it could be! It comes to the second one, the charming Prince Caspian but I was not attracted by the Prince as well as the movie itself.

Until the third one came out, I saw the trailer...I was quite impressed with the visual effect, so I give it a try, well, I get complimentary passes for that! And here I go after skipping the second one, to the world of Narnia.

The kingdom, the magical world, the fighting....the journey begins!

Well, since mostly they sail on the sea in Narnia 3, so it makes me feel like a lil' Pirates of the Caribbean like but not as good as POTC. Hmm, yes, King Caspian looks good but for me, I don't see the King in him. He don't seems to be like a leader, sorry I didn't read the books, I don't know whether he should be a King that not really act like a King or the others. As well as Edmund and Lucy, I think they didn't do much in this movie. Not much fighting, storyline a lil' bored for me and....well I guess only Reepicheep get my attention!

Keep sail to the end of the world, I think we heard it somewhere before...hmm, POTC I guess!?
But as I say the visual effect is really nice, the different talking creature in Narnia world, the setting is the key points in this movie! That's the fantasy world that I would like to go! The settings is really great! I think this is the improvement for the movie, big improvement!

Somehow this remind me of Alice in Wonderland.

Shining blue star~

The dragon and the sea serpent is awesome!!!! I love the sea serpent a lot!!!! Yes, i didn't expect the last part when it's kinda like flip out it's skin and show the bones or claws like thingy, that's superb!!!! I think the effect is really, really good. If they were to improve the battle part, there will be a better battle against the sea serpent! Because it's like a little bit too easy to fight against the power of evil.....Hmm, lack of the strength of fighting.

Aslan!!!!! I love lion!!!!

In the end, Lucy and Edmund can't come back to the Narnia world after the battle (after they leave the Narnia world) as they are ald an adult. Oh yeah, by the way the cousin of them, Eustace is so freakin annoying, irritating and okay, I dislike him so much.....guess that Will Poulter plays him well.
Overall, the voyage of the dawn treader is not that impressive, not funny, lack of action....I will only consider it as an average movie. Not really worth to watch, unless you're going for the visual effect then go ahead. Hmm, not that happy about that! Not impressed with the acting skill either. That's it.
(PS : Wow, can't believe i finally watch a 2010 movie in 2011. And it's not THAT good....can't wait for paranormal activity 2!!!!)