Jan 31, 2011

No more bromance for Brad and Clooney?

The most typical hollywood Bromance "icon" Brad and Clooney finally "split"!!?

Is that true for this charming bromance couples or....just a rumor?

According to Hollywood sources, Brad and Jolie with their big BUNCH of kids visiting Clooney Italian home and turn out the kids having a "world war II" by trashing down all Clooney's stuffs. So, it end up Clooney kinda "burst" aka furious when he saw the mess made by Brad's kids and he has banned Brad bringing the kids to come to his house (Clooney act like FIFA, innit?).

"Do ya see the mess?"

Clooney has been rumored saying that he not really like Jolie and Jolie is not that happy with Clooney giving bad influence to her Brad by partying and drinking a lot (Oh man, is that so true?). All these things happened and sum up with the mess that made by Brad's kids, well it's quite make sense or acceptable that Clooney burst.

We love prank!

But who knows? It might be one of the prank played by Clooney and Brad to the paps! We know they love prank, right? But, I dont think so they will really "split" by this small little tiny thingy. I bet they are still fine now. They are the ICON, the bromance's!

(PS : If that really happened, then we'll ask Coen bros to make another Burn After Reading movie for both of them, and they will be good as they used to be! How about that!)

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