Jan 29, 2011

SONY NGP aka PSP 2....smart gaming device?

Sony bring a trend storm to the gaming industry by "leaking" the news of Sony will be having a new product released SOON!

Sleeky slim NGP aka Next generation Portable.
After some silent moment from Sony without having any new stuff since PSP Go and I guess until Nintendo speak out on their Nintendo 3DS, Sony gave us this NGP news. I guess gamers out there is thrill and excited on the release of NGP. So, it will be a smash up between NGP and Ninitendo 3DS in the gaming market which will be the time where the gamers need to toss their coin to choose between or....maybe they will get both of them.
So, what so cool on this NGP?

-Front and rear touch screen : Ya, Sony make up their mind to have touch screen on this new device which is really cool! The coolest thing is that they having both front and rear touch pad, you didn't hear me wrong. This gaves the gamer to feel more into their game character.

Front and rear touch pad.
-Android system : Hell yeah, so now I can throw my iPhone away and get myself a NGP! I dont really need a phone, a gaming device is good enough for me! So now, we can not only playing game from PS but also mobile gaming.

-5 inch OLED : Larger screen, clearer view! Sharper color and you can turn every angle and still get a clear and nice screen view of the game! I LOVE this!

-Dual analog stick :FINALLY!!! We need dual analog stick to play game, do ya know how suffering is it to feel that the another analog is not there when we playing the previous portable...!

-3G, wifi, GPS : Social network, multiplayer mode is the trend of the technology, so Sony get this step done!

-AR, Gyrosensor : The technology I've been craving so much whenever it comes to...technology? Yes, AR and gyrosensor play such an important role when it comes to gaming that you can't even differentiate between the reality and virtual!

-Front and rear camera : Gaming or camera purpose, it's up to you!

-New game media (memory flash card)- More capacity, more game, so that it wont eat up the space that the device could be thinner and smaller!

Everything seems to be so cool, nice and awesome ! But....there is always a BUT, the question now is :
-The price:We dont expect much it will be really affordable, don't even think about it will be cheaper than Nintendo 3DS...different specs, different price.

-Battery life : Yup, how long can it last?

-The UMD thingy : Since there is no UMD, I expect it to be digital like Go....we gotta spent a lot on that huh?

-The Go Store : Where is our Go Store? Since the release of Go, rumor (rumor always turn out to be the truth....) says there will be a Go store for digital gaming file, something like PSN but a special store for Go. I guess the NGP need the digital gaming file like Go did.

Well, Go is consider not that success but for this NGP, personally I feel like Sony making a big leap ahead the technology, which is a really cool thing, the gyrosensor, front and rear touch pad....now I know why Steve Jobs having a medic leave (Kidding). Expecting NGP to mark a new era on gaming industry! Hopefully, it can do something with the digital stuff! I would like to call NGP, the smart gaming device!

(PS : It's so clear that I don't think I can afford for NGP, I would be much appreciate if someone would buy me a NGP along with some of the games! WANT it so bad! :D)

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