Jan 25, 2011

Dark Knight Rises : What's the Night Guardian up to?

After Batman, the Dark Knight "killed" Harvey Dent in the Batman the Dark Knight, he start to run away and chased by his friend, Commissioner Gordon. This is the only clue left for us in Batman the Dark Knight. Director Christopher Nolan "rises" again after the Dark Knight and came with the third one, Dark Knight Rises!

Dark Knight coming back in town...

As we know in the first one, the movie ends with telling us that the Joker will be the villain in the second one, the Dark Knight (which is potrayed by Heath Ledger and is the best batman villain ever potrayed! Salute! ). For the Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan didn't tell much on the third one!

However, the Dark Knight Rises has start shooting and they have cast Anned Hathaway as Catwoman (Now we know who's in!) and the villain goes to........Tom Hardy!!!! So, which villain is Tom Hardy playing? Sorry to say no Riddler for this one! They go for Bane, the masked Venom guy!

Don't you guys think that Anne Hathaway is a little bit too sweet for the role of catwoman?

Tom Hardy need to bulk up a bit for the role of Bane!

Well, personally I'm not very confident with the casting of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Hmm, Catwoman should be a lil' naughty and sexay but Anne Hathaway seems to be too nice and sweet for the role! Well, we won't know until the day we saw Hathaway with the catwoman suit on! While for Tom Hardy, he need to go to the gym for some body build up as we know Bane physically is quite BULKY!

I always expecting a lot for the villain in a Batman movie. I mean look at the Batman movie history and look at their casting on villain and the villain they choose! I think the villain in Batman is very interesting in a point where I love the villain more than Batman himself! Haha! A little disappointment on having Bane as the villain in Dark Knight Rises, I mean it would be really cool if they have the Riddler or the Calender Man.

What is the role of Commissioner Gordon in Dark Knight Rises? The friend or the cop?

Jim Gordon will be played by Gary Oldman again in the movie. And this time he will balance up between helping Batman as a friend while hunting him down as Commissioner Gordon. Well, Gary Oldman once say that he is very interesting in playing Batman's villain the Riddler, I mean Nolan can actually consider about this, we know how villain Gary Oldman can be! Morgan Freeman back as Lucius Fox and batman's butler, Alfred will be played by Michael Cain again!

Another character I'm pretty looking forward to will be Robin....Batman's best sidekick! I mean in a movie, drama or cartoon series, when there is Batman, we will always see Robin as well. But I think Nolan will be concentrating more on Batman himself. By the way, there will be a cameo by the Joker (Heath Ledger) in Dark Knight Rises!

( PS : And psss, this will be Christian Bale last Batman's movie! So, who will the next Batman? Whoever it is, I still love Iron man the most, hahaha!! I'm with Marvel!! )

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