May 28, 2012

Avengers review : Superheroes union

Blockbuster of the year! Movie buzz hot topic of 2012! Took so long and Marvel bring us the mightiest team of superheroes on earth to the big screen and here we go, Avengers Asemble!!

Directed by Joss Whedon and starred by a bunch of Academy Awards nominated/winner actor and actress from Robert Downey jr, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston....etc.

You may need to start from Iron Man 2, Thor to Captain America to get all the link up credit scenes and finally get a geeky bites on Avengers Assemble. Joss Whedon makes the movie less burden by having so many stars/superheroes in this movie yet divide their parts equally and make the storyline flow smoothly while adapting the original comic piece. But for me, the beginning of the movie was quite still....action-less and a lot of talking. Not too sure for those audience that haven't watch the previous superheroes movies or comics would understand what leads to Avengers Assemble but for those who looking for a fun and action packed yet still fun and having a few bites of popcorns blockbuster, this is the one!

Agent Coulson, a big geeky fans of Captain America!
The entire cast fits their role perfectly. I like Agent Coulson, without him as the running boy to connect and share information among the superheroes and SHIELD unit, Avengers wouldn't be formed. It's fun to know he's big fan boy of Captain America (I don't like this dude from the past, he's way too serious and always wanna pick up a fight with Stark, don't mess with my Stark, we have Hulk in da house!). That is just my very personal opinion and I think Chris fit the role of Roger/American heartthrob boy. Agent Coulson, thumbs up and I think he will be back. Not so fast. 

Superheroes meet up partay!!!
The first meeting of all superheroes is fun. Each of the personalities is shown and RDJ aka Tony Stark steals the show every single time. The swagness, the style he has, just nice. The boss he is. And I'm so happy that finally someone able to take on Bruce Banner's role so well aka the Hulk. I was in a bit of disbelief when they chose Mark Ruffalo to play the part. But he is Bruce Banner, he has the scientist's look and yeah, the two sided of Bruce Banner and Hulk's personality! We have the right man and can't wait for the movie, Hulk, coming really soon!

Love the bromance between Stark and Banner~
I enjoy seeing the scientist bromance between Banner and Stark. They can pair up so well. The way they saves each other and work on experiment together, aye...this sound ain't right but I love this! That was an informal meeting till everybody got their superheroes suit up, weapons and BANG! Here we go, second formal meet up is a big mess and the way they fight each other! They just can't left alone TOGETHER!

We need a Time-out!!!
Most of the scenes were funny and filled with action, informative and relaxing, ya that's the right word. Till they meet up with the big boss, things got a bit tense up. The visual, green room thingy is all good. Plenty of explosions and the hype you get when each and every scene is not plain in the sense that superheroes everywhere and just overwhelmed by the "awestruck"!!  

Furious Fury in action.

Flying sky high!!

Super soldier from the past and Demi God team up.
The battle with the villains, I was to say epic but I can't. Most people enjoy this film because each and every part of the movie is so fun and hilarious, interesting. But, maybe I'm the weird one, orthodox thinking perhaps. I don't like the idea of Joss Whedon make a very tense fighting scenes when everyone is focusing on the fighting and out of sudden, he throws a laughter bomb to the audience. I thought he can lessen that a-bit.....but I like the one Loki pokes Stark and Hulk smash Loki. That is way too hilarious! 

Super villain, Loki won the heart of so many fan girls!
Tom Hiddleston plays a really good villain, poor little brother of Thor, Loki won the hearts of millions ladies on Earth after this movie. "Kneel down before me!" Classic! Basically, he wants people to worships and obey him. Naughty little brother brought a lot of trouble to the Avengers. I think Loki became more powerful after Thor the movie. The ending was great. I love Hulk, Hulk is cute! Just nice. Not to say it's a best movie in 2012 but it is very enjoyable! You know grab a big pack of popcorns and go enjoy it with your family. Can't wait for the sequel! The soundtrack was okay but visually satisfy!

(PS : Not much tecnically comment on this movie because the movie storyline is too HUGE and OVERWHELMED. Most people focus on the superheroes and the storyline. But I gotta say Joss Whedon pull up a good work on this one. Balance and nice!)