Sep 17, 2013

Dumb ways to sew Dumb Ways to Die

I couldn't help but keep humming the song after I watched the music video of Dumb Ways To Die and realizing the character is cute yet it is very educating (You sure!?) That video is supposed to be a piece of advice from metro station not to do dumb things at railways.

It is so inspiring that I don't even know that I could sew after I fell in love in one of the DWTD character, the self taught pilot! Teach yourself how to fly~~~and broke his pity head when the plane flight failed. So, I decide to sew the self taught pilot and named it Ian. 

I would like to confess Ian is my Mark II sewing master piece, the Mark I should be Iron Man but dear uncle who sell fabric told me that my piece of fabric isn't in store yet so Mark I project abandoned. 

Start with the head and guess who's underneath.
It wasn't really hard when you are triggered to do something that can produce something you like (not applicable to working although money is something I like, duh!) All you need to do is just sew and stuff the cotton in it!!

Ian have limbs!
As it proceed, I'll just add in something since the head is broken off from his body so I made the two separate, head and body but attachable! 

Tada~~Smart move isn't it!

Ian sitting with his head attached to the body!
It felt so good to see a character you like come to life when this thing could not be buy anywhere!! Dedicated to the metro station who did the music video and the game. I solemnly swear not to do dumb things around train (although I feel like wanna disguise as a moose during hunting season~)!

Mark II Ian completed!