Jan 31, 2011

Greyson Chance, the rising star who's been waiting outside the lines!

A 13 years old boy, with an oustanding vocal, combining his talented play on piano with his vocal, gives us an amusement on his music....and he is Greyson Chance, the rising star!

Greyson, new kid on the block!

This young little dude (I'm refering Greyson as young little dude simply because I'm not that young anymore...seriously, it's because he got his debut single at 13 and he can sing! What did I do when I'm 13?), well Greyson signed on Ellen DeGeneres's label and released his debut single at 13 years old. No kidding!

And why should we pay so much attention on Greyson? Yes, it's a common scene that nowadays lotta teens get to have their debut album at very young age, but not many of them can really sing. Greyson, it's an exception. He's unique. Recently I've been listen to a song on radio, can't remember the title but I recognize the vocal because it's very special, it's different from other vocal. Later, I found a video on a boy did a cover on Lady Gaga "Paparazzi" on Youtube (Among all the Gaga song, I love the Papz song the best, especially the stage performance Gaga did on VMA, stunning!). Back to the video, the vocal sound a lil' familiar to me....after some research on the net, it's him...Greyson!

This boy has a really cool voice!

He's young but he's very different! Why? He has a deep voice that most teen don't have at this young age! His vocal is stable. I wonder why people love to compared him with Justin Bieber! Greyson and Bieber is definately in different league. Greyson can sing, and I hope that for his upcoming album (he got a debut single...), he will stick to what he's good at instead of going mainstream.

Greyson's debut single, Waiting Outside the Lines.

Yes, the song I've listened for months without knowing the title is Waiting Outside the Lines. You never get bored listening to this song. Here's the mv for the song!

My first thought after knowing Greyson is the one singing waiting outside the line is....I was strucked! I mean, the vocal is really good and stable at his age. I'm quite into his cover on Fire by Augustana. Personally I love Augustana a lot and I think Greyson did a really nice cover on that! Here's another Greyson's performance on Empire State of Mind.

He had another two original song by himself on Youtube, Stars and Broken Hearts. You can go and check out as well. Just in case that you "accidently" fell in love with his vocal like I did, you can follow him on twitter @greysonchance . We'll see how the Rising Star would strike the music industry with the release of his debut album! We will keep our eyes on you, target locked...Greyson (*Grin*...oh how evil am I!!!)!

(PS : Can't wait for his album. He will shine or should I say he ald shining?)


Losty said...

The star are getting younger everyday!

Urbanae said...

Oh ya. Agree with u!
Guess that it's getting competitive in the industry nowadays!