Feb 8, 2011

Rain Fall Review : Not that THRILL!

Rain Fall, a novel based movie directed by Max Mannix which took place in Japan having a big crossover by having Gary Oldman in this movie with popular japanese actor and actress, Kippei Shiina and Kyoko Hasegawa.

Is this movie action and thrill enough?

I'm not really a big fans of japanese movie. First of all, I don't understand japanese although subtitle is provided (I just can't get used to it watching other language movie except english and chinese.). And except, it's a really big one like Death Note or maybe horror movie, or animated movie especially produced by Miyazaki (Ghibli), I don't really touch much on Japanese movie.

To be honest, my two reason to watch this movie :

-It is a japan based action thriller movie . I love Japan's view and it's a really beautiful country!
-It's simple, Gary Oldman in it! Simply into Oldman's acting!

John Rain, the hitman.

It's about a hitman, John Rain try to protect one of the victim and the evidence that can cause the falling of Japan's economic and politics against the CIA corrupted agent. Kippei Shiina is casted as John Rain in this movie. I have not read the novel before but first thing come into my mind on John Rain's role is...Leslie Cheung is surely a suitable cast for the role, only if he still alive, sigh! Imagine that! It's not really special or oustanding for the character John Rain and I feel like Kippei Shiina didn't impress me much in this movie. But one thing for sure, Kyoko Hasegawa is really pretty!

Hotlzer, the villain CIA agent.

When they get a star like Gary Oldman in the movie, it's predictable that Oldman has a big role in it! And what else for Oldman to play in this movie, of course something Oldman always good at! Gary Oldman plays a stress out CIA agent that want to hunt John Rain down so badly! And he's the only good thing in this movie! Not very surprise on that because there is no doubting on Gary Oldman when it comes to acting. Somehow, he remind me of Commissioner Gordon from Dark Knight, only a bit stress out and...villain-ny!

This movie is Aw-ful! Sorry but no awesomeness in this movie. Too little action, too much talking....it's like a monotone when you watch the movie. The trailer looks much better than the movie itself. The fighting scene is not really capturing! It's just....pretty bad. Well, unless you're a big Gary Oldman's fans then it's kinda worth to watch as his acting in this one is good! And...seriously, I can't find another reason to watch this movie. Or maybe if you read the novel, you can check this movie out but most probably you'll be disappointed by it ( So you better don't watch! ). It's a big Nay for me. This movie is mainly speaked in Japanese but there's some english too, don't worry there is something called subtitle to help you out!

(PS : Just figure out in Japan based movie, they like to have some action scene in painting exhibition. And Hollywood director is encouraged to shoot some scenes in Japan, that's a really nice place! Hmm, you're welcomed to Malaysia too. And again, Gary Oldman died in this movie! His dying range is not only within Hollywood but have expanded to Japan. Poor guy! :D )

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