Feb 8, 2011

2011 Laureus Awards : Zizou crowned the Lifetime Achievement Award

The 2011 Laureus awards, the "Oscar" of the sports industry took place in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emrates on Monday.

The awards show is hosted by Oscar winner actor Kevin Spacey. Stars studded on the awards show. It's like watching a flashback on the sports industry when watching the Laureus award where you can find some of the greatest sportman that have retired attend the event and you sometimes might be surprised by some comer from Hollywood as well (Psss, Zola and Vieira is spotted!! I saw Boris Becker as well!). Guess what!? Mika Hakkinen went for the awards show too "fainted". He is my favourite F1 racer way before Alonso, Button, Raikonnen even exist in the circuit.

Of course, the awards show is none other than focusing on some of the awards for the sport industry and for me, lifetime achievement awards might be the category that I dont feel like watching it among all but this time is a totally different story because the recipient of the Laureus Lifetime Achievement awards for 2011 is Zinedine Zidane!

Zizou grabbing the Laureus awards in hand!

"Burst crying" I was kinda shocked on this one. As I thought he will be receiving this awards few years later, I have totally put his retirement out of my mind as for me, he never retired from the match...I can still think of how Zizou playing on the field, I mean he's too good that I cant get it out of my mind, he's just like a good actor in a movie when you watch him playing football, you'll never forget his performance on the field after the match!

"Thank you to all those who voted for me. I have to thank Marcel Desailly for all that he did for me. Today is February 7 and it has been 20 years since I got married. It’s a special day for me." Zidane deliver his acceptance speech after he receive the awards. Still lookin' good (my mind in reminiscence mode). He had lead his team and his country through tons of tough matches and lead them to the route of champions! His leading and teamworking skills proves us that no doubt he's a one great playmaker/footballer and his dribbling skills perfect and light up a football match!

He deserves it! Congrats to Zizou!

(PS : When he gonna do another charity match? Missing to see him playing on the field again!*wipe away tears* I just wanna did a shoutout to Zizou, Imma big fans of you and dying to see you playing on the field LIVE once in my lifetime! Hopefully.)

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