Feb 13, 2011

Let the Bullets Fly review : Fly high to Hollywood

Let the bullets fly is an action comedy by Jiang Wen, a China director that been grabbing my attention when it comes to the china movie industry. He's having some "blockbuster" in the china movie industry lately and personally I feel that he's pretty good in making a movie. My comment on this movie is...it's like the chinese version of Burn After Reading with a star-studded cast but with a better storyline!

This movie fly beautifully~

This movie is so freaking hilarious! At one point, I can't stop myself from laughing and laughing non stop. But it's not only comedy in it, I will like to call it a drama with some action and comedy! The storyline is really good and the way that Jiang Wen present the movie is just-nice ( Not too much and not too little, just fit! )! I'm stunned by the directing of Jiang Wen on this one!

Jiang Wen is not only the director but one of the main actors in this movie!

The movie storyline is set around a mayor Tang ( by Ge You ), the bandit Zhang (by Jiang Wen ) and a local tycoon Huang Si Lang ( by Chow Yun Fatt ). Zhang is a bandit that hijacked the train of the mayor, Tang and some incident happened where Zhang "hijack" along the identity of the mayor and became the mayor of town. The purpose of Zhang of becoming the mayor is to, of course get some big bucks from his job. However, he found out that in this town living a tycoon Huang Si Lang who is a baddies and wanna get rid of Zhang as Zhang reach the town. With the help of the original mayor Tang as the advisor, Zhang need to figure out a way to fight with the tycoon Huang Si Lang.

Chow Yun Fatt gives us an awesome acting on playing baddies Huang Si Lang in this movie.

First of all, I gotta say that this movie is really worth watching as we know Jiang Wen, Ge You and Chow Yun Fatt is one of the Thespian. Yup, I use that word for them and they deserves it! I love it especially when Jiang Wen sharing a scene with Chow Yun Fatt! They are both really good in acting! Special note on Chow Yun Fatt, he play two roles in this movie, the tycoon Huang Si Lang and a double in the movie itself which the character used to protect himself since he's a tycoon. I got nothing to say but loves Chow Yun Fatt as baddies. He's ROCK on this one!

Since it is a comedy, there will be a lot of laughing moments for you in Let The Bullets Fly. The movie is using the same technique like the Coen brother use in Burn After Reading, the simple silly direct joke or scene to make the audience laugh. Jiang Wen make the movie more relaxing and not too dense with the drama or action. And I'm so freakin in love on how they use the chinese proverb and make it as a laughing point (Felt so sorry for the non-chinese because it would be really hilarious if you understand chinese and watch this movie, too many chinese proverb is used!)! Just love it! The moment when the mayor's wife died is quite hilarious as well as the first meeting scene when the three actors met in the movie...and the Mozart's part! Haha!

Have a really good laugh! Applause to Jiang Wen.

The storyline of the movie having a lots of twisting and twisting that you'll need to pay much attention (if not, you'll get confuse!). But the twisting storyline is really nice and I love how the strategy Jiang Wen used to defeat Chow Yun Fatt in this movie. There's plenty of cameo appearance by some popular China actors and actress in this movie too! Keep your eyes closely on every movie scene!

This three guys is impressive!

There's one weakness in this movie, the special effect! Like the train's turnover and fell into the lake or river is...hmm, quite fake. Those people who get shots with the bullet's wound and blood is not that real too. They should improvise on the special effect. And I think, hmm, personal's view....Jiang Wen might be using a "ridiculous" technique in presenting this comedy. BUT, I'm seriously cannot accept the scene where the son of the bandit Zhang cut his own stomach just to proves that he's innocent in the lawsuit. That's too much!

Overall, it's a very good movie! I have a great laugh, the storyline is just my type, the acting from the actors is impressive! I'm highly recommend this movie! Really worth watching! The mask of the bandit is a lil' bit weird though, it's like playing mahjong....And rumors alert!!! Hollywood is interesting in remaking this movie, that will be really COOL! Maybe Coen brothers can take part in this one! They did a poll on selecting the actor for the hollywood version too! And Gary Oldman was top for the role of Chow Yun Fatt's baddies role. I'm absolutely agree with that. He was born for that role or the role was wrote for him!!! Go for it, Mr Oldman! I can't wait if they making the Hollywood version of Let The Bullets Fly and I love to see the sequels from Jiang Wen!!! Thumbs up, I haven't check out a good chinese movie like this for quite a long time!

(PS : Lovely flick! But the tempo of the movie is quite fast though and packed so you must put yourself in the movie while watching it. I'm afraid foreigner can't really get the idea or understand the movie. But worth checking it out!)

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