Feb 14, 2011

New crews onboard to the Batman 3 star-studded cruise

First question come in mind : Who and WHO?

Yes, who's onboard and who are they playing!! Ka-Ching, big swipe on Nolan's casting on Marion Cortillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt! Welcome onboard, guys!

Marion, no question, she's a sexay sweetie~

This La Vie En Rose star is confirmed to appear in the Batman 3 : Dark Knight Rises. So, she will be expected playing Talia, the daughter of Batman Begins's villain Ra's Al Ghul. Marion is the love interest to Bruce Wayne. Well, looks like we'll have some catfight between Marion and Anne over Batman ya (Remind me of Scarlett and Gwyneth "fighting over" for Downey in Iron Man!)!

The another crew member get casted is Joseph Gordon-Levitt! You know what? I think this guy resembles Heath Ledger a lot! Aww! Okay let's back to the main point! Who he's playing? Rumors surrounding the Riddler, Robin or Alberto Falcone! Hmm, I'll eliminate the chances of potraying Robin as Nolan once said that he will not have any Robin in his Batman movie. The Riddler? No way! I thought Gary Oldman is eyeing that role so much (Gordon + Riddler, in the end of the movie Gary would probably turn out to be Joker when they finish filming.)! Well, I would like the others to potray the Riddler...like Depp? Or maybe Joseph doing a younger version of Joker? Just kidding and I know it's not funny! Joker is Ledger, Ledger is Legend! So, I think most probably Joseph is going for Falcone, son of Carmine Falcone...I remember that I saw his father in another batman movie, is it Batman Begins? The gangster, yup!

Gordon-Levitt, and he got nothing to do with Jim Gordon!

This is the only reason I like Batman movie, the casting is always in a heavyweight range. Now we got Bale, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Oldman, Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Marion and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the league! Ah-ah, this gonna be interesting! I would like to see how Nolan going to make an outstanding new sequels for Batman! Well, maybe he will make another Oscar winning movie!

So, Nolan choose to use the origin offspring from the first Batman movie. I wish that it would be something interesting.

(PS : When I have become so alert when it comes to Batman stuff....?? I'm a big Iron Man fans and I...I...hmm....because Batman is...ehem. Well, you'll see again Iron Man and Batman will coming out in a same date! And the box office, urgh! Show Wayne what you got, Tony Stark!)

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