Feb 22, 2011

The mystery midnight Wanton Mee store

Aren't the title sounds like a thriller horror movie....?

Haha! Okay it's not something horrify, it's just exactly like the title, a midnight Wanton mee store that's quite mystery that sometimes you couldn't found it!

The mystery midnight Wanton Mee store.....eerie sound~

Okay, what so special about this Wanton Mee store? It's open in midnight (almost!)! Ya, this Wanton Mee store is so weird ( weird mean unique, unique mean special! ) where this noodle store open at 11 pm if you were LUCKY! Well but I guess you better reach there before 11pm because if you were late (I know it's ald late at night!), you might have to wait for a long queue! This wanton mee store is located at Jalan Tingkat Tung Shin there. Just opposite of Hotel Alpha Genesis, or Carrefour express or Hotel Rae, well this 3 spots formed a Bermuda triangle around this Wanton Mee store!

Just the opposite of Hotel Alpha Genesis!

Of course, it is a roadside store and it is open at midnight...so it might not be a popular favourite place for people nowadays to dine in (Dine in...?? Hmm should I use dine "out"...it is open air anyway!). But I'm quite surprise that there're lot of people waiting there ald when I reach there like 11pm (I'm pretty sure that those that I saw with my eyes are human!).

Stalking at the Uncle Wanton Mee preps for his wanton!

Well, it tooks us like 30 to 40 minutes to wait for our food to reach us because it's really fully booked! And some decided to go for take-away but they still need to wait though. And for some of the customer, they need to arrange the table and chair themselves, the chair and table is provided but self-servive, ocassionally!

The Uncle Wanton Mee, his name is not Wanton and his surname is not Mee....but I'm just calling him like that as I don't know his real name ( he resist to be interviewed by Urbanae, okay kidding...I didn't interview him! ), he's busying playing with his Wanton ( by the way, Wanton stand for dumpling! ) and noodles. He won't rush just because of a lot of customers are waiting. He don't give a damn (Just a desription~), he will continue doing his work slowly...slowly....and slowly till I get very hungry~

Let's see what we got, some chicken, Char Siew, Noodles and behind the "scene" is Uncle making Wanton!

Ain't this looks like some old style cooking utensils?

I guess eating at this Wanton Mee store gives you a different feeling compare to dining in at Restaurant or some elegant food store or so whatever. I mean I like the feeling though, it's like ya know waiting an old man (Oldman??? Gary Oldman..."fainted"??? Out of topic.....=.='') cooking the noodle and you can observe the night city life in Tingkat Tung Shin, sitting at the roadside, have a sip of hot tea.....Hmmm!

So the football match went into halftime break ( almost 45 minutes... ), the food finally came~

The Wanton and a slightly-bigger-than-Wanton's dumpling ( Shui Gao ) soup.....

The Wanton mee with Char Siew!

I think the Wanton Mee taste pretty good. I mean much much better that lotta wanton mee store nowadays. But the soup and the Wanton didn't impress my tastebuds. The soup is average and the Wanton taste like pork without the aroma of marination. A good Wanton is the meat must be marinated, it will taste better if the uncle marinate it with the ShaoSing wine or sesame oil. But the Shui Gao, the dumpling that is bigger than the Wanton taste really good! If you decided to give this store a try, I recommend the Shui Gao instead of the Wanton!
Well, it's a different feeling eating Wanton Mee in the midnight! Overall, the noodles and Shui Gao worth for the wait. And I notice something when the Uncle cooking the Wanton Mee, he cook the noodles in one large amount and he will distributed it into different bowl. The way he distributed the noodles.....he will TRY HIS BEST to distribute evenly. He can spend a few minutes just to distribute the noodle nicely (that's why you can see how messy my noodles is in the picture I post above, it came just in this way.). I dont really mind about that. If you got nothing to do in the night, why don't you go and try this MYSTERY midnight Wanton Mee noodle store.

A KL tower night view to end this post!

That's all! Oh ya forget to mention about the price, it is slightly expensive about RM 5 to 6 per bowl of Wanton Mee.
(PS : Don't give it a try seriously because I will have to wait longer and I might get charged more expensive next time if lotta people go and try it out! :D )


Caroline Ng May Ling said...

i guess it's pretty hard to find stall selling wantan mee at night, n bet this stall making good business too! :D

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Hans said...

Yes, I know tis place. I grew up eating tis mee. I used to stayed just directly opposite tis stall. Smirk.....