Jan 6, 2011

FASTER press screening review, not so fast!

Was really glad to be invited to the press screening of FASTER. Special thanks to G+ and GSC! Well, let's make this review fast and clear!

FASTER, starred by Dwayne Johnson (He prefer to be called this way instead of The Rock), Billy Bob Thornton, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Carla Gugino and Maggie Grace.

Are you fast enough?

So, there are 3 main characters in this movie, Dwayne Johnson the Driver, Billy Bob Thornton the Cop (love his character) and Oliver Jackson-Cohen the hitman. This movie talks about The Driver after jailed in for 10 years, he's coming back to revenge for the murder of his brother by a group of people. He had the list on hand and he's going after them and kill them one by one. While he's killing, the leader that behind the murder case of the brother hired the Hitman to killed the Driver. And this is the time where the Cop involves in this case and figure out who was behind all this with Detective Cicero (Carla Gugino).

The Driver is released.
The opening of the movie gave me a really bad sign as it is too much alike to Watchmen the movie. Draggy music with draggy opening....and, exactly the same with Watchmen in the sense of blurry introduction of what is going on in this movie. This bored me. And the director seems to be putting too much concentration on the sound effect, the starting of car engine sound, the gun trigger sound, the shooting....that is a little bit too much for me.

Car chasing between the Driver and the Hitman.
I only realize what is happening until halfway into that movie. The director is trying to use a flashback and slowly revealing what is happening technique. But the point is, the opening he didn't gave us too much infomation on it. The movie itself is lack of action, lack of suspense...in another word, it is incomplete. That's why it's really boring until they start to have a "little bit" action between the hitman and the driver.
Billy Bob Thornton's character grab my attention from the beginning of the movie. He's a drug addict and an useless cop. I can't find a better word to describe his character. Billy Bob Thornton is a good acting skill dude, he's like the only element that light up the movie. I gotta say that I dont think Dwayne Johnson did much in this movie (My point of view). Just an average performance from Dwayne Johnson. Thumbs up for Billi Bob Thornton's performance!

Sexy hitman!!!
Newcomer, Oliver Jackson-Cohen. Yes, for a newcomer, he's consider really good for his performance in this movie. He's a bit psycho, a perfectionist (I guess so...) and a one-dollar hitman! That's the funny part! Well, I guess he got a bright future, he got the look, he's young and he's quite good in acting (Not too sure but a few more movies might can help to proves it!).

The interesting part in this movie....nice cars and nice car chasing scenes! Ferrari and Chevelle! Visually satisfied by that! The killing could be a little more cruel (I'm not a psycho but I guess this kinda movie should have more and "nice" killing scenes), the director should put in more action and suspense! So that, it can only be called a complete action crime, thriller movie! And clearer introduction on the storyline, it's really confusing and boring!
Overall, it's lack of action, lack of suspense, lack of a little bit of this and that and too DRAGGY. Sorry but I gotta say it's bored. Not worth to watch! In the cinema, I was hoping that the movie will run a little bit FASTER though!
(PS: Hmm, bad movie day!! Going to check out some great movie!)

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