Jan 6, 2011

2011 Must Watch Movies

Yes, it's 2011! Instead of reviewing of what we had in 2010, why don't we move forward and see what we will have in 2011!

It's an alien year! Looks like Alien is a theme for the producer in 2011. We have some animation as well, and tons of action movie, of course...our favourite BLOCKBUSTER!!! Let's roll the list out and see what we've got, the most anticipated movie in 2011!!!!

~Fast Five

Are they FURIOUS enough?

Yup, nice cars, nice action dudes, a little bit of nice weapons! Fast five is so called fast and the furious 5! Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Paul Walker, some nice cars and ladies couldn't be wrong!!!

~Sherlock Holmes 2

Holmes and Watson is back, with a new gal!!!

Downey, Jude Law and the new lady, we will like to call her, the girl with the dragon tattoo....Noomi Rapace will hit the big screen in 2011 after the first sherlock holmes. Let's see how Guy Ritchie "armed" the Sherlock Holmes sequel....Moriaty? Ehem, let's wait and see what case we have in hand!

~Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows PART 2

Yes, Potter fans scream!!!! Because this is the last and the most important part! I'm expecting a lot for part 2 as the part 1 is great. Please make the battle of Hogwarts as good as LOTR! Can't imagine that it is finally come to an end.....for those who read the books, they knew what happened next (Like myself, sigh.).

~Cars 2

More cars?

Cars is BACK!!!! Pixar is back too!!! Lightning McQueen will go for an international adventure with his best friends in Cars 2. So, will we have the chance to catch maybe an AUDI R8 in it? Pray hard!!! Can't wait for that! Hopefully the soundtrack for Cars 2 is as good as the first one, of course, the animation as well!

~I am Number Four

I don't find any reason at all to watch this movie until I watch the trailer! Because.....they mention Malaysia!!! Yes, yes, Number 1 is killed in Malaysia, something like that! Just kidding! There are 9 of them and they are killed according to the number sequence...final destination? And now, it's Number 4...how can he escape from "them"? Only the audience know after they watch the movie!
~Captain America/ Thor
Marvel geek!!!!!! Yes, I gotta put two of this together, the Marvel gang! Must watch movie if you are looking forward for The Avengers!!! It's getting clearer, isn't it? I can feel Tony Stark must have at least one cameo in either one.....argh, aka RDJ aka Iron Man!!! Hmm, quite looking forward to Captain America although all the while, I still think that Brad Pitt is the one should be casted! Anyway, it's still a Marvel superhero movie....!!! It can't be wrong!
Everybody loves vampire! Except me, my exception to Edward...I dont like Edward but for this one, I think this would be a nice vampire-human battle movie. Not very sure about the cast, or should be lack of confidence on the cast but...the visual and fighting seems to be ain't-that-bad according to the trailer!
~Your Highness
James Franco, Natalie Portman, Danny Mcbride, Justin Theroux....and the title itself, it just sound like it's an adventure fighting, with lotta monster movie.....but, one exception....it's a comedy as well!!! I guess we can have a really good laugh while watching this movie although it might be a little silly...but who cares! From the trailer, i saw some really visually satisfy monster! Should be all right!!

~The Mechanic

We love action, we love weapons, we love Jason Statham...that's why we love The Mechanic! Something like hitman but with a slightly complicated storyline!

~Cowboys vs Alien

Alien attack!!!

The title sound really funny for me! Well, it's a Jon Favreau's movie.....no offend, I mean it must be really nice!!! Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig, Indiana Jones and James Bond! It must be something!!! I really don't understand why Robert Downey jr quits this movie.....maybe it looks a little nit like Iron Man!? Hmmm, well back to the topic, it's very clear. Cowboys vs Aliens! And see the little glove thing on Daniel Craig's hand! Look out for Alien's invasion!!!


Been mumbling about this Rango thingy since last year! Johnny Depp as a lizard! Personal must watch movie of 2011 recommend!!!

~Real Steel

They don't stink you like a bumblebee, they smash you like Bumblebee (Transformer)!

Jackman is back with his own "Iron Man"! Yes, Jackman fight in Real Steel but not himself....his robot made from steel FIGHT. Love robots? Love fighting? That's the one for you! Psss, love Jackman? Then, it's a must watch!

That's it...so far for 2011! May more GREAT and AWESOME movie join us later this year! By the way, paranormal activity 3, the three musketeers, the tree of life, the rite and unknown is still in waiting list for the most anticipated movie in 2011 for RIH!!!

(PS: Oops, almost forget....X-men as well!!! Wolverine is BACK!)

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