Jan 2, 2011

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Review

The first thing come into my mind when we talk about Narnia is the wadrobe! Yes, actually I was quite...hmm, should I say agree or fancy that the idea of entering to another world through a wardrobe.

Few years back, I watch the first one, Chronicles of Narnia. The idea was not bad but I guess during that time, there were plenty of big fantasy blockbuster in the market which made Narnia not that huge as it could be! It comes to the second one, the charming Prince Caspian but I was not attracted by the Prince as well as the movie itself.

Until the third one came out, I saw the trailer...I was quite impressed with the visual effect, so I give it a try, well, I get complimentary passes for that! And here I go after skipping the second one, to the world of Narnia.

The kingdom, the magical world, the fighting....the journey begins!

Well, since mostly they sail on the sea in Narnia 3, so it makes me feel like a lil' Pirates of the Caribbean like but not as good as POTC. Hmm, yes, King Caspian looks good but for me, I don't see the King in him. He don't seems to be like a leader, sorry I didn't read the books, I don't know whether he should be a King that not really act like a King or the others. As well as Edmund and Lucy, I think they didn't do much in this movie. Not much fighting, storyline a lil' bored for me and....well I guess only Reepicheep get my attention!

Keep sail to the end of the world, I think we heard it somewhere before...hmm, POTC I guess!?
But as I say the visual effect is really nice, the different talking creature in Narnia world, the setting is the key points in this movie! That's the fantasy world that I would like to go! The settings is really great! I think this is the improvement for the movie, big improvement!

Somehow this remind me of Alice in Wonderland.

Shining blue star~

The dragon and the sea serpent is awesome!!!! I love the sea serpent a lot!!!! Yes, i didn't expect the last part when it's kinda like flip out it's skin and show the bones or claws like thingy, that's superb!!!! I think the effect is really, really good. If they were to improve the battle part, there will be a better battle against the sea serpent! Because it's like a little bit too easy to fight against the power of evil.....Hmm, lack of the strength of fighting.

Aslan!!!!! I love lion!!!!

In the end, Lucy and Edmund can't come back to the Narnia world after the battle (after they leave the Narnia world) as they are ald an adult. Oh yeah, by the way the cousin of them, Eustace is so freakin annoying, irritating and okay, I dislike him so much.....guess that Will Poulter plays him well.
Overall, the voyage of the dawn treader is not that impressive, not funny, lack of action....I will only consider it as an average movie. Not really worth to watch, unless you're going for the visual effect then go ahead. Hmm, not that happy about that! Not impressed with the acting skill either. That's it.
(PS : Wow, can't believe i finally watch a 2010 movie in 2011. And it's not THAT good....can't wait for paranormal activity 2!!!!)

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