Dec 26, 2010

GBOB 2010 Press Party- It's Malaysia, the host for GBOB Finale.

GBOB, Global Battle of the Bands is not a new thing to Malaysian as we've been having the GBOB contest in Malaysia since 2007. However, this time there will be something BIGGER! The World Global Battle of the Bands Final is confirmed to be held in Malaysia and Hell Yeah, it's the first time ever, Malaysia is the HOST!!!

There will be 16 finalist from all over the world to compete among each other in the final! The CHOSEN ONE aka winner of the finale will took away USD 100,000 band development package ($$$$, Ka-Ching!!) that includes a chance of having one week in a top UK recording studio with a producer and a ten-date tour of major UK cities! Of course, they will also have USD 10,000 cash to spend!!

Glad to be invited to the GBOB press party which happened in the celebrity hall of music, thanks to G+ and GBOB!!! Shoutout: I'm freakin love BANDS yo!!!! And the venue is a damn nice place to enjoy a music performance or just simply hang out there (wandering around~)!

The fireball finally HIT Malaysia!!! Scream! Band lovers out there!!!

Get a really nice seat, just in front of the stage!!! Yea~Yea~

Nice surrouding!!! I would use the word, comfortable!

Chandelier, that's Simon Yam's potrait! He's been here for a Canon's event too~a Macho guy(Woops)!

The bar!!! Rum please!

Light effect...!!!

Interior design....superb!

Manage to get the chance to enjoy some of the local act's music and that is really ashamed of myself because as a big Rock music and band lover, I never really been to a rock band live act event....Boooooo!!! Well, I'm given the chance anyway at the GBOB press party and I almost deaf...just kidding! Feel like stood up and did some headbanging while the band is playing!!
Hyper act did the opening act for the press party! Personally I like the band's music a lot although all the while when it comes to local act, I would prefer Faizal Tahir or Bunkface, or our beloved Datuk Siti Nurhaliza! They play really well, hmm...well the guitarist could have been play better, so sorry....just love to compare any guitarist with my favourite guitarist Richie Sambora, He's a Guitar GOD....I mean Sexay Guitar God (I can't control myself.....Ehem!)!!!!! I just noticed that the vocal of Hyper Act is Roney from OIAM! Cool! Seriously, you guys need to check out Hyper Act's "Kutiba Lagi". That song is freakin awesome!

They are having some rehearsal before the partay start!!!

Overview of the stage.

Vocal of Hyper Act, Roney taking over the stage!

Yea, raise your hand while the music playing....!!!

Mario Bros spotted rocking on the stage!? Nope...nope, just a look-a-like!

Emcee explaining~briefing~

Interview session!

It's a very casual and comfort interview...

Chatting with the previous winner!

Lab Rats in da house!

Other than that, Kyoto Protocol and Lab Rats did a performance too!

Vocal of Kyoto Protocol! Rough and husky's voice....!

Kyoto Protocol jamming on the stage!

Get a good view of Lab Rats's performance from upstairs's seat, yea, I'm wandering around!

The audition for Malaysia GBOB contest will start in the January 2011 and for all the Malaysia bands would like to try out for GBOB and have their registeration, shoot an email to for any inquiries or just search for GBOB official website for more details.
The details of the date and venue for the Malaysia GBOB is stated below:
Jan 7- Qualifying Heat 1 ( Jazz and Blues Discovery, Johor Bharu )
Jan 15- Qualifying Heat 2 ( Soundmaker, Weld Quay, Penang )
Jan 22- Qualifying Heat 3 ( Bangkok Connexion, Jalan Ampang, KL )
Jan 29- Qualifying Heat 4 ( The Celebrities Hall of Music, Solaris Mont Kiara, KL )
Feb 12- National Finals ( Dragonfly, Jalan Kia Peng, KL )
Feb 26- WORLD FINALS ( KL Live, Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL)
GBOB is all about ORIGINAL, no cover songs or pre-recorded song! Any music genre will be fine! Bring it on and show em what you got!!!
(PS : Wonder whether P11LAC will go for the audition, j/k! They should consider bring in Bon Jovi as performer for the finale!!! )

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