Dec 19, 2010

POTC 4 : On Stranger Tides updates

Ahoy!!! The Pirates is back!!!!

Zombie, mermaid and the fountain of youth summarize Pirates of the Caribbean 4 : On stranger Tides. Only that Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly is no longer with Captain Jack Sparrow and the movie as well.

It's okay, we have Blackbeard and Penelope Cruz!

And none other than our very BELOVED Captain Jack Sparrow....

The trailer of POTC 4 is drifting all over the net now! As we can see, I think it is more like the first one, back to where Captain Barbossa and Captain Jack Sparrow with some of the new "monster" or bad guy!

One thing that capture my attention in this trailer. What the heck happen to Captain Barbossa??? Wooden leg with...hmm navy costume? Well this is my assumption of what happen to Captain Barbossa.....

-After the 3rd one, Captain Barbossa work for the Navy and lost his leg during an incident/fight......(Don't make sense at all!!!!)
-He's the new captain of Flying Dutchmen? Since he cannot step on the land, so he sacrifice his leg and use the wooden leg so that he can walk on the usual......I think so.
-Director want a new image from Barbossa.....hell no, I want the old Barbossa, the new one look...unacceptable!

Whatever!! Come what may! Let's check out the trailer!!!!

(PS : Hmm, I dont feel the anticipation after watching the trailer though.....a bad sign, a bad sign!!!!)

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