Dec 19, 2010

Sweeney Todd and the Demon Barber of Fleet Street Review

Sweeney Todd is not that "Swee-t", well, in this movie, he's more to BLOODY~

Look at the style of the movie, it is obviously a Tim Burton stuff, dark....mystery....horrify-look-like. Again, it is a very interesting thingy going on, obviously not only coincident, but this is second time that Johnny Depp act as a Barber (after Edward, not that vampire but Edward the scissorhand, I think the scissorhand is more well known) and both movie is directed by our beloved Tim Burton!

It is an adaptation from a musical itself....and what else can you expect when a musical is made into a movie? A musical, of course. So, it is a musical based movie, you can enjoy the singing leading you to the storyline. After Moulin Rouge, this is my second musical based movie that I watched!

We can't see any Edward Scissorhand in Johnny Depp.

It is about a barber, Benjamin Barker (Johnny Depp) lost his wife or should I say his wife is taken away by Judge Turpin (Alan Rickman) because Judge Turpin is amused by the beauty of his wife. Of course, Judge Turpin also did something to Barker to make him stay away from his wife and he succeed.

After some ages, Barker is back...with the name of Sweeney Todd and seek for revenge!!!!

Pirate need a sword to fight, and Barber need a razor to shave....or KILL!

I like the way and the flow of the storyline in this movie. With singing from the actor and actress, it make us understand the story easily and without the need of having too much settings and scene changing yet we still got it clear about what's going on!

I'm a little shock to know that Johnny Depp is actually good in singing! Jack Sparrow can sing!!! Ehem! And, he's of course good in acting as always. The anger in him turn him into evil, start having plans and kill and kill until one point, he start to kill the innocent one too.

Another character would be Helena Bonhem Carter, Mrs Lovett, the worst pie maker who turn out to be really good in making "meat pie". She help Mr Todd a lot. And FYI, Helena Bonham Carter is actually pregnant when she filming this movie. Don't worry, her hubby Tim Burton was on the set....!!!

You won't feel like eating any meat pie from Mrs Lovett after this.

Of course, one of my favourite actor (lately) is in the movie too......Yes, it's him. Alan Rickman!!!! Argh, he's the bad guy Judge Turpin. I'm very into bad guy's Bill Nighy and Geoffrey Rush are my favourite's too! As always, Mr Rickman is as badass as he could. Sorry to use that word but it is a compliment for you, Mr Rickman. I mean how could you (in the movie) took away other's wife and try to marry his or her daughter as well!!! Okay, it's the writer's fault! But you do it great in this movie!!!

Judge Turpin is grabbing Harry Potter, ehem....just some random book.

I think all of them can sing well in this movie. Love Depp and Helena's vocal. Rickman's vocal is THAT sexy, so what can I further comment! The setting and the costume is really nice too. I gave a thumbs up on this one! I really like how the movie look like and the costume is astonishing, for me!

Mind your throat when you go for a shave!

Just my POV, I think Anthony is the guy that really caused trouble in this movie! I mean, ya we know there will be killing going on but actually they can save some innocent lives and just because of HIM! Among all, I'm not that into Anthony's vocal (Jamie Campbell bower). Hmm, his singing just not that amazing like the others.

And he look like Taylor Swift too.....Sorry! But that's the truth!
There's too much blood in this movie and FYI, they are using orange color blood instead of red when they are filming, because of the visual effect so they need to use different color. But I think their blood could be more REAL, using a thicker, not that watery and slightly darker red. And that will be like Saw plus Final Destination I guess! Urgh, and making it into a pie....yet people still love it much (of course, without they knowing that is a human meat pie!) I might stop eating meat pie for a while!
As for my overview on this movie, it is really nice especially the ending....awwwww! I don't wanna tell any spoilers. The way that they express the story is very interesting. I like the way it is using musical movie kinda technique. Just slightly different from the typical Tim Burton's movie! Not bad, not bad, but I don't like some of the songs in it. That's it! Give it a try!

(PS : I just can't help myself but the spoiler is.....Everyone died!)


sharad said...

well m not a big fan of musicals...but a die hard johnny depp fan....
i found da movy a bit over offence 2 da artistic art direction....& superb performances by evry1(read excellent 4 depp)...& remarkable presentation by tim burton...

Urbanae said...

Haha! I can see most ppl go for this movie because of either they are a big Depp fans or they are a big fans of the musical itself! Agree with u on Burton and Depp!

I wish they will have more adaptation from musical and so far Moulin Rouge is the best adaptation ever had! Or maybe chicago??