Dec 6, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Review

It's finally come to an end!!!

This is a very sad yet exciting news for Harry Potter fans as they can find out what happens to Potter and the gang but they have to accept the fact that this is the very last one.

With Voldemort or Potter?

This is my opinion on the movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1,

If you're following the books series all the way, you will definately satisfied by this one, which will be the most successful movie among all the seven Harry Potter movie. It is a complete adaptation, of course there will be a slightly change on some storyline like the death of Dobby. The way he died, sob sob.

If you're following all the Harry Potter movies, then you must (No doubt you will!) watch this one!!! This is the key for Harry Potter which will unlock all the mystery that have been doubting you!!!

If you know nothing about Harry Potter either the book or movie, it's ok! Go ahead and enjoy a blockbuster with great storyline, funny element and awesome visual effect!!! It is a blockbuster afterall.

Run till the end!

For me, I'm quite complicated. I'm not a Harry Potter fans at all when the movie comes out and neither the book itself. I watch the first movie and not really interested in it. Until I watch the HP 7 trailer, I feel like I'm going to watch it, ya know if we start something, we must have an ending too although I only watch the first one. However, I ask the sorcerer stone book from my friend and GONE! All GONE! Addicted to the book itself and for a book resistant person like me, it's a miracle!

When I went to watch the movie, I'm like the muggle and witch mixture, the half blood prince, I guess, Haha! I know some and don't know some.

So this is some of my shock factor on the movie, HP 7 Part 1 :

-Prof Dumbledore is DEAD!!!!!!! Holy, I know I know. He died in the sixth one and I don't know about it since I read the first one.....That's sad where I know the death of Dubledore at the seventh where actually he's no longer here since the sixth.

-Character confusion!!! This is....hmm, that is....??? I'm really blurr~~~

-Over excited! I saw the lighter of Dumbledore and I knew it!!!! And I know about the golden snitch!!!! Yes!!!

-No Hogwarts in this one!!!! Argh, miss out a lot. All the things happen in real world.

-Double shock factor, my very first time saw Dobby in the movie, and he......died!!!!! Master Urbanae will miss you much!!!

-Prof Snape in the Death eater form.....I guess so. Holy disappointed yet exciting. Prof Snape is my favourite charcater among all! He's so damn cool yet mystery.

They are all grown up.

Mr. Potter and friends in the real world.

I think Potter, Ron and Hermione grown up a lot!!!! Hermione is sooo pretty. But Ron's red hair is not that obvious anymore (more to blonde).

The movie itself is more exciting, matured and emotional!!! Which now I think that it is suit for us to watch, I mean the adults in muggle world!!! More fighting, more magic, more enemy (Gimme more different and scary one!!!)....Part 1's duration is quite long, that's why it can fit in all the storyline which is a really good thing for Potter fans.

Shocked to know that Helena Bonham Carter is in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!!!

Poor Dobby!!! I like the way he talk to Potter.

The bad guy, Draco is still Draco. Voldemort still that ugly! I always thought that Voldemort had only 3 fingers and quite shock that he actually has 5 fingers (Okay, I'm talking nonsense!) He actually look good when he was young.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5....5 FINGERS!!!!!!

Actually every scene with Ron in it would be really funny! This is the thing that makes us chill while following the exciting and nervous storyline. All the magic is sooooo attracting!!!! Argh wish I'm a witch too!!! And the toilet bowl flushing part to enter the Ministry of Magic is quite weird, I'm not that agree with the concept. Ewww~

The baddies!!!!

Of course, I'm really shock too Prof Snape has only one scene in Part 1. Arghhh!!!! But, I think this character is very interesting, the mystery and on and on. He's the one that make me keep digging more to find out about the truth!!! Maybe they should consider the title as Harry Potter and The deathly snape? Whatever!

Prof Snape taught Chemistry!!! In Hogwarts, of course!

I like the Deathly Hallows story, you can find it the movie! Or over the net! I wanna watch the Part 2......very anticipate for that! Meanwhile I shall finish my HP book series before the Part 2 released in cinema!
For the movie, go and check it out! Worth to watch. But for those who never watch the previous sequel before, if you choose not to ask too many question, you might still can follow the storyline, NO! You can't!!! Seriously, still prefer the book!
(PS : Feel like quit studying and wait for the letter from Hogwarts, haha! For sure, I'm a PURE muggle! Hmm...)


Dence Cris said...

hmmmm, prof Severus Snape did not teach chemistry, but he did teach Potions, and of course Defense Against the Dark Arts

Urbanae said...

Haha I know. Just to say that, in muggle's world...teaching potion is like teaching chemistry. :)

Thanks for the info anyway!

mahinder15 said...

I watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows online also bravely faces the future, slipping with expert ease among the thrilling mass of complications that Rowling throws fans in the final sprint, then guiding the faithful to the fate that awaits everyone in this world, the moment called The End.

Kristy said...

at the end it comes out tht snape isnt acualy a deatheater and proffessor dumbledore asked snape to kill him (he was already dyeing bc of him black cursed hand) so voldemort would surely think snape is on his side but snape helps harry thought harry dunno it :)) have read all the books twice they rock and movies are best!