Nov 27, 2010

Gala Premiere of Peter Pan the Musical

Finally, Urbanae went to the Gala Premiere Night of the Peter Pan Musical at Amphitheatre in Sunway Lagoon.

As usual, it is a Gala Night and as expected, it is delayed and delayed again (5 more minutes, 5 more minutes~), seriously we SHOULD NOT have this kinda practice especially it is a MUSICAL (Not only musical but in our daily life too~)! Peter Pan is MIA till almost 8.30pm...

Let's have a look at the pictures and I will have a my POV of the musical after the pictures (Anticipate for my review on it? You'll see ).

The stage at the Gala Night.

Mr. Aaron Soo busying arranging and serving VIP guest.

Well, I can see troubles in placing the seat for the guest. It is Gala Premiere, so I guess everyone is invited instead of purchasing tickets to the musical. It is quite a mess where me myself is involved in the MESS~I'm given a Media passes and I didn't get a seat, where the media seats are FULL (With children, okay! I don't know that children nowadays can be a media at this young age! COOL!!!)

Actually the things that I don't like is, they keep guiding us to a water bottle sitting-seat and end up wandring and walking up and down the stairs. Sigh. So, in the end, really thanks Mr Aaron Soo for placing us in the VIP zone ( End up sitting with Datuk and Datin. Urgh! ) Honestly, I never saw a CEO that will run here and run there and try to serve every guest and arrange everything like Mr. Aaron Soo. Thumbs up for that BUT for the seating, maybe it's good to arrange and plan earlier. Because, same thing happened when Archie having his concert in Amphitheatre!!!! You don't repeat a same mistake twice.

So, before the musical start, a speech is given by Mr.Colby, Mr.Kort and Mr Aaron Soo.

Mr Colby give a speech on the stage!

And.....the show BEGIN!!!!!

The light effect~~~

The snowy effect~~~

Mr Smee selling vegetable!?

This remind me of Paranormal Activity!! Nope, it's Peter Pan, he's coming!

Peter Pan and Wendy.

They are flying!!!!
One silly statement, I can see the string!!!! It will be better if they hidden the string. Ask some advice from....magician maybe.

Captain Hook is here!!! Aye aye!

You heard something? Tick Tock, tick tock~

It's Peter Pan!!!

The crocodile~
Well, the crocodile costume is quite ugly! Haha, I think it's the same person for Nana the dog. At least he or she didn't passed out for wearing this costume!

They kidnapped Tiger Lily!

"Poke me, Hook! Poke me! " Peter Pan. I mean stab!

The red indians!!!! Love the costume!

Tinkerbell in the box!

Pirates with the ship~

Peter Pan is defeated?

Happy dancing!

It's snowy!!!

The media podium is covered with snow.

THE END! With Mr Colby on stage!
My POV on the musical performance:
The musical itself is quite short! And, to be honest, I'm a lil' disappointed. For me, I think I'm satisfy with the visual effect, it is good. But, seems like there's a little problem with the sound system. For example, for the part that Peter Pan "flying" and singing, I can't really hear his singing. And for those who sit far behind, they say that they cannot hear the musical clearly. I love the fighting part! That's exciting! I can feel the tense of fighting where the Indians and Pirates rush down the stage!
I think that the major problem of the musical is less of elements (Like I usually require from a movie when I'm blogging about a movie review.). I'm not impress and interested by the musical(Wow me pls~). And I able to notice that some dancers did a wrong dance move, it is a first night, they might be nervous BUT, it is a musical. You know it is LIVE and no NGs kinda things. So I hope the dancers prepare better for the rest of the days for the musical. And technical problem, the fireworks! It didn't "come out" when it's supposed to be. I will like to shout out to Mr.Morgan, aka Captain Hook! He did a really good job, he carry out the Hook's character soooo much( Of course he's an experience performer!)!
The stage setting for the msuical:
Hmm, if....I say if, they really wanna make it look like Neverland, why don't just make the whole theatre look LIKE Neverland since the musical last until january and it is a fantasy fairy tales. because the stage itself is not enough. Personally, I'm okay with the shifting of setting, but I thought at first they are not planning to do the shifting.

After the musical, they are having a interview and photography session with the cast and crews and the stage!

Smile!!! Captain Hook is not listening to the order...again!!

Kiddies are allowed to took picture with the cast at Gala Night.

Yeah! I'm Pirate!!!

Wendy (L.J) look sooooo Pretty! Nice dress yo!

Sandal spotted! Guess whose sandal is this?

The cast is chillin' with the press.

We have a lil' eating session after the interview and photog-wannabe sessions. The cast looks tired but they still interview with the press. Well, that's all for the Gala Night of Peter Pan the musical.
(PS : I can see many Daddy and Mama bringing their child to toilet during the halfway of musical and people leaving before the musical end. Try not to do this at a musical. I don't know whether it is a culture or what. I can understand the toilet....but the leaving, sigh!)

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Samantha Chow said...

Wow looks like almost the same thing happened on the second night too, people coming in late and seating arrangement issues too. But we didn't have chatting with the cast all after that :)