Jan 10, 2011

Nobel Son, prize, pride or family?

Comedy, crime, drama, thriller! They made it! The cast and the director of Nobel Son!

This twisting, twisting, twisting, never ended twisting storyline movie is really good that I wonder why it is so underated!! Directed by Randall Miller (Applause!!), starred by Alan Rickman, Bryan Greenberg, Shawn Hatosy, Mary Steenburgen, Bill Pullman and Eliza Dushku. I will like to make a compliment to each and every of the cast member because each of them had a really awesome, talented act in this movie!

A group of people involved in a complicated kidnapping case.
Nobel son , a movie that tell the story of a womanizing, egoism lecturer/scientist, Dr Eli (Rickman) is honoured with Nobel prize and how the kidnapper, Thaddeus (Shawn Hatosy) kidnapped his son, Barkley (Greenberg). Detective Max (Pullman) investigate the kidnap case and helping his colleague/friend, Sarah (Mary Steenburgen) who is the wife of Eli to find back his son.

Rickman is a bad daddy in Nobel Son.

Alan Rickman's character in this movie is sooooooo hilarious yet quite annoying! His alter ego has shoot to the max limit and whenever he speak, he will or CAN annoyed everyone! Rickman is the funny element in this movie and the way he carried out the character is very "annoying"! I think Rickman should try out more on this kinda character! It's the most unique character among all Rickman's character, the chocolate bitting, tie chewing, the womanizing, the ego....oh can I put him on the burn after reading list? Smart people act stupidly.

The mother and son, Steenburgen and Greenberg, great! Detective Max, Pullman gave a nice act on the detective. Was shocked on Eliza Dushku's performance in the movie! Shock factor! She's a hottie anyway! Shawn Hotasy, the psycho and not so psycho kidnapper is a smart and not that smart guy in the movie! Overall, each of them play an important part and gave a good act in this movie!

Move away or Sarah will have you try the power mama's love bullet!!

Violent, suspense...put this movie into a great, complete action thriller yet funny! Most of the people say that the violent is a little bit too much. But I think it's just the correct amount. Well, if you were to cut off everything that what else we got in a movie? I love the movie where the director show the reality and the truth of human behaviour, each and every part! I don't like censored movie, well probably this is why Nobel Son did't make it into Malaysia's cinema. If it does, probably the movie will be left out with not more than 30 minutes scenes, I guess. Nobel Son is the movie that Faster's director should check out!

Thaddeus, make breakfast for his hostage's parents?

I don't want revealed too much, ya know spoilers! I think it's better for the audience to check out the movie by themselves! The movie is so "alright" that I can't find anything to complain about! Only some of the soundtracks not THAT nice. The mini cooper and the twisting kidnap condition add credits to this movie! The more it's getting to the end, the more interesting is the movie!

Beaten up by the kidnapper.
Personally i felt so close to this movie, well Rickman's character is a chemistry PhD holder. Chemistry, urgh, the term! This is a movie worth checking it out! Not really that violent, but one thing for sure, it's damn funny, the conversation! Okay, there is a little bit of action as well. Go for this movie, Nobel Son!

(PS : I love the line "When you do "D" work, you get a "D"" by Eli Michealson, that is soooo *speechless*. That's never happened in my uni though! Haha! Nice movie, nice actors, nice director! Going to check out more Miller's works!)

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I cant to see it.....do you have any clue when will it be online...i dont have acces to movies!!!! :(