Jan 12, 2011

Leon, the Professional, A "killer" movie!

A professional killer, an innocent young girl, a psycho DEA agent....and a REVENGE!

The professional killer!

Leon, or the Professional (the movie title....) is all about a hitman or lone assassins, Leon, a really cool one by Jean Reno kill without emotion, with great assassin speed, and unpredictable tactics met this little young girl mathilda (Natalie Portman, holy, that is really young....just a small little girl), save her from a gang of DEA that is led by a psychotic leader, Stansfield (Gary Oldman!!! *Bling, Bling*) after Stans killed all her family members. This change both Leon and Mathilda's life and how Mathilda revenge for her family by the help of Leon, well Leon didn't agree on helping her but somehow the storyline lead him to help her.

Let's learn some shooting techniques!

This movie is really cool, it's really amazing on how the director, Luc Besson brings out the relationship between a 12 years old girl with a always-alone hitman! Natalie portman is sooo young but we can ald see that how talented she was back to that time, 1994. Jean Reno's charcater is calm, steady, cool! The way he kills or this sounds better, the way he clean up peoples is simple and clean!

I'm touched by the relationship between Mathilda and Leon, in the movie. I heard that the uncut version is much better, which will make you understand the movie clearer! This movie is not that bloody, the shooting and killing is consider real good back to 1994. Seriously, I never thought that the movie can be this great at 1994!

He's so high when he start killing!!!

Of course, the main attention of the movie goes to our Crazy-Scary-Gary Oldman! His psychotic performance in this movie is killing me! This might be one of my favourite villains's role of all time! Gary Oldman is so good in playing Stansfield, this psychotic cop is so psychotic that you don't really know what he's having in his mind! He can be sooo relaxing in the moment and be soooo freakin maniac in the next seconds, you gotta watch out especially he's having his gun with him!

Let's have some russian roulette in a birthday partay!!

Bang Bang! Oldman rocks!

I love one of Stansfield (Oldman)'s quotes in this movie which goes like this "I like these calm little moments before the storm!" just right after he took his pill and start swinging and talks like a psycho!!

I LOVE the part when Stansfield enter and kills Mathilda's family! No, I'm not a psycho...just love that scenes and Oldman's acting!! I wonder how Oldman comes out with this idea for Stansfield's psycho behaviour! It's really impress me a lots!!! You ROCKS, Gary!!!! And the part that Stansfield shoot the old lady is really funny, he didn't shoot but almost! It's really enjoying watching every Oldman's appearance in this movie! He outshines the whole cast in this one! Maybe it should name as Stansfield, the Professional!!!

Overall, it's a really nice movie, BRILLIANT! Well done, Luc Besson! I think the uncut version is much much much better! This movie is not about Leon alone, it's quite touching on his relationship with Mathilda and Oldman's performance in this is mind blowing! I love Oldman acting villain!!! It's a must watch, for me! Go and check it out! The Professional!

( PS : You better love Beethoven! Haha I hope Gary Oldman will take more on psychotic role! He's too good at that, and I wonder why he is so underated and the truth telling me that Gary Oldman is a really talented actor!!! C'mon, directors in Hollywood! )

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