Jan 14, 2011

Spike Video Game Awards 2010 Screening Review

The Spike Video Game Awards (VGA) is BACK!

The VGA, so called the Oscar of the gaming industry 2010 took place in LA at 11th of December 2010 brought us a new sight on how far the gaming industry has grown and the merge between technology and game on the awards show. (Well, for me, gaming is TECHNOLGY!)

Was really glad that I was invited to view the VIP screening on VGA 2010 by Animax! So that I can catch a glimpse of what's-going-on on the VGA 2010!

It's all about gaming!
This year, they are having Neil Patrick Harris as the host! Our Mr. NPH did a really STUNNING opening for the show by shooting up all the dancers that did the opening for him! Yeah, we love shooting! One of the gaming biggest's obsession! VGA 2010 also having familiar faces like Tony Hawk, the PRO skater. They are having Oscar nominated director as well, Guillermo Del Toro, Dane Cook, Chris Hewsworth, Michael Chiklis, Dominic Monaghan, Oliver Munn and performance by My Chemical Romance!

That's really cool for this year VGA 2010 where they are actually having Augmented Reality (AR) for the home audience (Nah, too bad for live audience, they couldn't enjoy this on the awards show!) which really made the awards show look much cooler and that's the way it should be for a gaming awards show! Of course, the VGA 2010 is having some of the biggest, heart-pounding premiere of Resistance 3, Prototype 2 (Scream~), Forza 4 and Uncharted 3 (*fainted*).

So, here are some of the winners of VGA 2010 :

~Game of the Year
Winner : Red Dead Redemption
Urbanae think : My choices were twisting between Call of Duty : Black Ops or God of War 3! Look at the GRAPHICS, the storyline!!! Not that into Cowboy shooting games but the gamers and audiencs heart it! They go for Red Dead Redemption! What can I say?

~Studio of the Year
Winner : Bioware (Mass Effect 2)
Urbanae think : Everybody's a winner! Blizzard Entertainment, Bungies Studio, Rockstar San Diego and every game studio out there, they shares one dream, put lot of efforts, to create a best game and fulfill the needs of a gamer! SALUTE!

~Character of the Year
Winner : SGT. Woods ( Call of Duty : Black Ops )
Urbanae think : The winner should've been Ezio, just simply because....he's HOT! Gotta LOVE Assassins's Creed! Okay, John Marston ain't that bad too but totally not Kratos although God Of War is a damn nice game!

~Best Shooter
Winner : Call of Duty : Black Ops
Urbanae think : No comment! Totally agree with this! Black Ops deserves this award the best! Call of Duty ROCKS!

~Best Performance by a Human Male
Winner : Neil Patrick Harris as Peter Parker/Spiderman
Urbanae think : A Nay from me!!!! I will go for Gary Oldman as Sgt. Reznov. He's a british and he play a Russian Sgt with the accent! The awards winner should be him! I can't see any other can voice much better than him. FYI, if you check out Oldman's movie, there are almost all with different accents in each movie that sometimes I wonder who is Gary Oldman!

There are plenty of awards is presented on VGA 2010. And I love how they present the fighting of Hades and Kratos on the stage. Oh man! That looks like the fighting really took place on the stage!

For the world premiere of the games, some looks really cool and some looks quite mystery for me as they didn't show much of the gaming scenes. Well, I think the crew and production team put a lot of effort in enhancing and improving VGA 2010. The visual and AR is really awesome and this makes it looks much better than VGA 2009! The host is OKAY...for me and it's clear that VGA 2010 is less star-studded BUT the creativeness of the crews is really worth mentioning, you guys rocks!

Okay, I think I should keep my mouth shut now about babbling how was the show! Well, why don't you just watch VGA 2010 by yourself! Just tune in Animax at 23rd of January 2011 at 7.10pm and check it out, the Spike Video Game Awards 2010!!

(PS : Thanks Animax for the screening! Can't wait for all the nice games coming! Still digging my Little Big Planet 2~)

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