Jan 17, 2011

Book of Eli Review

It's one of the movie where once it is released, it turn out to provoke tons of controversy over the storyline, some of the facts in the movie and the "book" that Eli has been protecting from the beginning.

This is not an apocalypse movie.

The story is set in post-apocalyptic after a devastating war cause the vanish of town and city, shortcoming of foods and drinks. A man, Eli (Denzel Washington) protect a sacred book that believed to bring the strength to him and an unrevealed or unknown book (for the others) acrosing the America to the West and fight through his journey, met up with Solara (Mila Kunis) who is used by Carnegie (Gary Oldman) to seduced Eli and get the book from him.


In this movie, Denzel Washington play a man that is sooo good in fighting, slicing, shooting and killing to protect the book to the West. Denzel is as good as we always see him in a movie. The only things he got in this journey is a book, weapons, a iPod or Zune (Not really sure about that!) and some hunting for foods like cat. I love how they working on the setting after the war, where everywhere is damaged and in this movie, it looks really alike. As well as the peoples in the movie where they are lack of clothes, where they only rob/grab from people wearing leathers, boots. I think the director manage to give a good shot in all the settings. That's really fit and perfect to be a post apocalypse surroundings.

The bad guy? I dont think so.

While for Gary Oldman's character, Carnegie. Actually I don't think so he's the Bad Guy! He build the city, he got the water source, he wants the book from Eli so that he can kinda rebuild the community but he let the power over ruled himself. So he did it in a not-so-right way but asking people to take it from Eli. Wrong intention!

Okay, the book is actually a Bible. Some says Eli protecting a deadliest weapon and after revealed, it's only a bible!? I'm not so agree with this. Some of them says this is a Christian movie. I'm not so agree with this too. Well, people were too , could I say skeptical, after they watch this movie. Let's say it in this way. In this movie, all of this things happened after a war, a very damaging event where people is short of survival source like food and water. You walk out of the roof and you will exposed yourself to a UV exposed surroundings or you will get killed by others just because they wanna eat you! So, people are lost of hopes, they become uncivilised.

Somehow, Eli got the Bible (You'll know how he get it in the movie....although I think it can be alter into another better way of finding the Bible. ) Eli is driven by the power of his beieves in his religion. This somehow gave him the motivation to survives and protect the Bible. And Carnegie want the Bible too because he believes in it. In a world like that, for some people, religion is the biggest motivation for them to survive. People misunderstanding that whole lots of people or all of the peoples in this movie is going after a book. Nope, it's only happened between Carnegie and Eli...I mean in this movie. So, I don't think it's a little bit too concentrating on religion and this movie just happened to be using a Bible as the Book.

The set with the director and cast of Book of Eli.

The end of the last controversy lead to the beginning of another controversy, the eyes. I don't feel like talking too much on it because it might be a spoilers. I can't really accept the fact of the eyes thingy but somehow some of the scenes explained and proves that it can be accepted but some didn't I guess the director don't want us to knew it too early so he make it more unnoticeable by balanced up the scenes.

The fighting scenes is really cool, I like that! I feel like Eli is an assassins ninja in this movie, the knife is really cool! And he's fast! I think the beginning till the middle end part of the movie is quite nice but the ending part will be a little controversy, well it's actually depends on yourself. For me, I'm okay with it. The starting of the movie remind me of I Am Legend, a loner's journey fighting for his life. It's watchable, I think. I mean at least the cast is attractive enough! I'm enjoying watching Oldman as Carnegie, it's kinda creeped me out!

(PS : Not bad but I hope that this movie will be having more fluctuation. My technorati claim token is U24G4W7WWHYU )