Jan 22, 2011

The Fifth Element review : A good starting sample of Futuristic

This is one of the most classic science fiction of all time and I bet lot of people watched this movie before. The same goes to me where I watch it when I'm still a kid, not really knowing who's the actor, what they doing...and to be honest, back to that time I really don't know what this movie all about!!

What's the Fifth element?

I watch this movie again few days ago. Just to reminisce what is the storyline. I found out that this is a very different science fiction compared to the other science fiction movie nowadays. I actually feel relaxing, not that tense and have a good laugh on this one!

So, basically this movie is talking about some evil power or alien is going to vanish the Earth and the human must gather the five elements together to save the Earth. However, the fifth element is taken away by the Monascheiwans so that they can protect the element. When they return to give the fifth element back, they are shot down by Mangalores (Some really UGLY monster/alien....). The human manage to re"build" one of the Monascheiwans who is Leeloo (Milla Jovovich) and she, with the help of Korban (Bruce Willis), together trying to find the four elements as well as the fifth one. Of course, since this is a Movie, things won't go this smooth. A bad merchant Mr.Zorg (Gary Oldman) stop them because he want the four elements too, which is some stones.

Bruce Willis looking good in Fifth Element.

First of all, I'm kinda shocked because this is a Luc Besson's movie! He did really good in The Professional which is one of the movie I really like! Well, I like this one too! I mean I feel very...hmm, it's not like the common science fiction where we will get the tense and wonder what's going on (I understand we have the common feeling what's going on in a science fiction but what I mean is the terrify feeling.). But this one is more relaxing and you can easily follow the story flow with a good laugh!

I'm pretty impressed that Luc actually create the language of Leeloo with Milla Jovovich. THAT sound like a language and this is one of the most expensive movie ever made (not included Hollywood movie). And back to that time, 1997, I mean the concept is really good! Luc wrote the storyline and have all this scientific futuristic settings, mobiles, weapons, the monster going on on the set which is consider really, really outstanding! I'm quite impress with the flying/floating cars, the buildings!

Before she start fight the zombie, she WAS an alien.

Bruce Willis is looking good in this movie. Well, he born to be in an action film. With Bruce in a movie, you never really need to worry about the action part. And....emm, for Milla Jovovich, she is a little bit too sexy in this one. Haha, I prefer the later Milla, that one that fight zombie! The character Ruby Rhod is really funny, well, he is annoying as well but he bring a lot of laughter to the audience in the later part of the movie!

Mr. Zorg, the pretty funny villain.
Jean-Baptist Emanuel Zorg, you know that how complicated is this guy just by looking at his name. He got a fashion-edge hairstyle, weird accent and behaviour, awesome weapons and a pig-like pet. Played by Gary Oldman (Heard that he say yes to Luc before he saw the script and he got shocked when he first saw the costume, but Gary played it well!). This is really funny that few times he didn't get the four elements and only getting an empty case. And how he got choked by a cherry! I think Gary Oldman should really go for comedy. That would be really funny. I like him so much anyway!

I like the idea of putting the five elements together in the last part where usually they will only put in all the stones and *tada* they save the Earth! At least Luc put something in it like how they need to "activate" the stones. The flying chinese store that serve Bruce in the movie is really awesome too! And there's one scene have been doubting my mind. The scene where the Evil call Zorg and warned him on getting the elements for the Evil, suddenly there is something like dark color liquid dripping off from Zorg's forehead. I'm quite doubting what is that! I mean that's couldn't be blood because why Zorg wiped it off, I don't see any wound or scar and it can't be sweat too as Zorg look so surprise when he found out this liquid on his forehead. So, my guess is maybe some kinda Evil's power or actually I thought the Evil will appear after the liquid dripping, you know, maybe some kinda Alien look-alike creature!
I think this movie is okay (In a satisfy tone)! Very entertaining! Very funny! Although the costume and character might be a little weird. Haha! But I enjoy this movie! A yes from me!
(PS : "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!" Ah, I love this line!)

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