Nov 5, 2012

HY's Doodle for Comic Bloggers Gathering

I have come across Nuffnang blog post on Comic Bloggers Gathering (How come I don't know about it!) and I feel like I wanna take part in it. I always enjoy seeing people drawing, painting or creating their own comic.

This will be Nuffnang first Comic Blogger Gathering which will be featuring awesome comic bloggers like and and will be held at CAFFEine.

Basically to take part in this contest is to draw a comic version of myself (Ain't no Picasso's blood flowing in my veins~) and give the reason why I want to attend. First of all, just take a look at my first doodle, don't laugh. 

"It's a SIGN!"

Yes, the cavemen with beard is me (it's comic so everything make sense~)! First of all I thought that it's a SIGN for me to come across the Comic Bloggers Gathering as my drawing skill is so-so and blogging skill still require some experience to enhance it. I thought by attending this gathering will offer me the chance to learn something from other comic bloggers. And oh the doodle of mine is indicating that I got to know about the comic bloggers gathering at last minutes and the rest just decipher it by yourself~ (irresponsible comic artist, I am.) I bet attending this event, I'll get awarded with loads and loads of knowledge regarding comic blogging~~~

Next thing to do, to draw a comic version of myself. Me, my "outstanding" characteristic will be my glasses and long messy hair so here it is, the comic portrait of mine, credited to the artist of HY's Doodle which is me! 

*sangat memalukan*

A picture of me pleading to go to the a return, I promise you I'll comb my hair when I attend the event (Meh~). So, here it is. First attempt to show my doodle to the world. Awww~a big sacrifice~~~

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