Nov 15, 2012

Nuffnang First Comic Bloggers Gathering

Went to Nuffnang very first Comic Bloggers Gathering last week that was held at CAFFEine. It was more like an eyes open event to know better what is Comic Blogger and the comic blogging's trend going on in the social networking world nowadays.

Our doodle and drawing on the canvas. Spot mine? Better don't haha.

It's really glad to have Ernest , CheeChing and Sarah Joan to share their experience and knowledge on drawing and comic blogging (Seriously I'm inspired by them, nice talk!!).

Ernest from Bro Don't Like That La Bro.

Chee Ching from 

Sarah Joan, I like her comic drawing~
It's a really nice event, where people with passion on the same thing gather around and chit chatting, exchange opinion and drawing~(Tho I'm not a comic blogger but who knows, soon to be one...maybe.) I've gotta say that Ernest and Chee Ching are really cool, they can just draw in anywhere, any time like just squad down there in front of the laptop (no kidding) and draw using mouse and *puff* DONE!

The talented groupie of 3.

And thanks CAFFEIne for the food and drinks....

It's really awesome to get different bloggers together and gather. And thanks Ernest and Chee Ching for drawing a portrait of me~

Credit to Chee Ching. 

Credit to Ernest.
Hmm that's it. And guess what, guess what, I'm in serious thought of starting a comic blog! Till I get things done and have some free time to doodle and I will announce it here! Prepare for lame doodle of mine!


MichLeong said...

Halooo! I have your pictures here!

HY said...

Oh hi Mich, thanks ya!:D

Chee Ching said...

<3 <3 <3

Faster start your comic blog ya!

HY said...

Ya sure Chee Ching, working on it now! :)