Nov 28, 2012

The Big Day : Baskin Robbins Flavor Election

I've gotta say I'm eager to know when is the next election and yet our PM still haven't announce the date yet. However! Baskin Robbins knows it and guess what, they have an election themselves and THIS MUST BE THE BEST ELECTION EVER!!! Ice cream flavor election! The Baskin Robbins Malaysian flavor election! *applause*

Level of coolness to the max~SERIOUSLY!! For those who were there, they know why, because we were given the chance to vote AND WE GET TO EAT FREE FLOW OF BASKIN ROBBINS (Yea, you can jealous me now~)!!!

Bloggers, bloggers and ice cream everywhere~
We have five celebrity bloggers there representing each flavor which are mocha, world class chocolate, berries, praline and cookies and cream. Each flavor has a campaign and for the flavor that won, the campaign will go on for a year~

Our flavor representatives~
Well, other than he voting and ice cream, they have giveaway too, like voucher and key chain and nothing is free, you will need to pay play to get it! The host is a great entertainer, he can sing, he knows how to interact with the crowd and he's funny!

You'll need to roar to get the voucher! This gal won!
They have a ice cream eating contest too at that freezing cold night where you get the balance of coldness inside out or outside in whatever~One thing for sure, you will get brain freeze!

Gulp down the ice cream!!!

The winner for Blogger's eating competition, Sixthseal!

Girl's power!!!

The gentleman~
And the winning flavor goes to, Praline n Cream. Not my favourite among all the flavor but the campaign is the best among all! The rest of the day was just eat, eat and eat all the ice cream after the voting!

Tempting isn't it?

Praline, a little too sweet for me~
Pretty much enjoy the event, vote and eat, who doesn't enjoy that? And I'm lucky enough to get the limited edition BR keychain~


That's it. The end of the election. Now we should wait for the real deal, our country election.....(how good if they serves some ice cream too~)

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