Jan 31, 2009

They're gone....just for one month

I'm so sad....after one month of working, finally i can sit down and watch my favourite drama ER.

So looking forward to Dr. doug ross aka george clooney the paediatrician or the doctor i like the most in ER

But when i watch it....i' m totally disappointed and realized that it is the season 5 which is the very last season for Dr. Ross......He leave the general hospital to Seattle. Oh man...and even Dr Benton and Dr Romano are gone.....and i didnt see Dr.Jeanie so far yet. What happen after she and Dr.Ross had a car crash??

After Dr.Ross gone then how about Dr. Greene....He must be so alone without his best pal....and i know Dr greene died of cancer after that. So sad...but there are many great moment of ER, and i really enjoy it. But i think after season 5, i wont continue watching because there are many new guys in and none of them as good as Dr. Ross but i'll wait for season 15 last episode because george clooney is going back as Dr.ross in the last episode ( A little old Dr. Ross....uhmmm)
Well let's see then...How'll george clooney be in his scrub again? Hope he still fit for that.

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