Apr 12, 2010

Iron Man 2 a little updates : Picture time!!!

People might misunderstood that RIH!!! is a Iron Man 2 promo blog because RIH!!! been updating with Iron Man 2 news from times to times.

Don't get me wrong but I'm a big fans of Iron Man, I admit that I'm a Iron Man geek. So what we have today? The Iron Man 2 worldwide movie poster!!! Cool!!!

And of course some picture from the movie itself........

Tony Stark aka RDJ aka my hubby (hehe....) with war machine aka Don Cheadle in the war marchine suit, he's the one replace for terrence howard's role. No worry, he's a good actor, I think he can play the role well.
Shhh, tell you something in case you don't know, Rhodey aka Don Cheadle will fight with Stark later in Iron Man, in other words, he betray Stark!!! Holy! Wonder will they have the storyline in Iron Man 3. By the way, Iron Man 3 will be shooting in this Fall.

Woohoo!!! Whiplash.....Mickey's the man!!! Love his Whiplash's look, guess who's on the phone??? Mickey is kinda a method actor, where when he shooting a scene where he need to cry in Iron Man 2. He require someone to hold his passed away chihuahua photo to "trigger" his tears for the crying scenes.

As well as Happy Hogan, guess all Iron Man geek know what Hogan holding in his hand right? A suitcase? No!! A LV suitcase....(......NO!!!!!) But a Iron Man SUITcase. Yes in Iron Man 2, Stark no need to armor up his suit with the machine. He only need this suitcase to suit up as Iron Man(Seriously I want one!!!!). This can be found in Iron Man 2 latest trailer in the last part. Just some extra : Hogan hooked with Pepper Pots later....Poor Stark, betray by two most trustable friends.
Actually, there is a Scarlett johasson picture as well, but I didnt post it. Because........RDJ flirt with her in the movie!!!! (Haha, I know I know.....>-<>
And Thor is spotted in Iron Man 2 trailer too, during the cell scene......YES!!!! This mean The Avenger is getting closer!!!! Can't wait for that!!!
Finally, gotta say it again. Iron Man 2 will be invade the cinema in may 7!!!!!
(PS : *ehem* wondering will they involved some Demon in a bottle storyline in Iron Man 2, which is the downfall of Tony Stark.)

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