Apr 12, 2010

Shutter Island preview

Shutter Island, some places that never let you go......

Starred by Leonardo Dicarpio, Mark Ruffalo and Martin Scorsese as the director. Obviously Leonardo not the reason that I wanna go for this flick. I'm kinda attracted by this movie's storyline which is based on the novel Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane.

This movie is all about Leonardo, aka Teddy in this movie going to shutter island to investigate on a case where one of the patient in the hospital has vanished in her locked room. It is impossible for the patient to escape from the island (yaya, same old story....) But when Leonardo got deeper into the case, he found out that this is not only a simple patient vanishing cases but a secret psychotropic medication is used to master minded the patient. The island lost contact with the outside world and weird thing happening to leonardo and his partner which they actually become the patients in the hospital....(=='' under treatment...lame detective, gotta learn something from Holmes ya.)

In the end, Leonardo started to doubt everything around him even his own memories......

This is a mystery thrilled movie. And i really want to know what happen in the end although I'm not a big fans of Leonardo's movie. I hope this movie will come up with a twisting ending, just like what happen in The Orphan.

Hope that i can go and check out this movie soon......so that I can have a review on it. Good or bad? Watch the trailer yourself.

(Ps : Just figure out that RDJ is in Master Mind, i thought they say that he rejected the role....??? Waiting for Bruce Willis's Cop Out, looks much like Die Hard in comedy.)

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