Apr 2, 2010

Clash of the Titans review

Finally I've watch Clash of Titans which I mumbling that I'm gonna watch from the end of 2009 until today....

Well, this movie is great if you're one of the Greek mythology geek. I mean overall this movie is satisfying, love those Greek's monster, the fighting scene. It's like the same concept watching Avatar (Not because Sam Worthington star in both movie but it's like enjoying the environment and creature in Avatar and enjoying the monster, fighting, and greek mythology in Clash of the Titans.)

Flying with Pegasus fighting with Kraken!!!

This is about the story of Perseus, part human and part god, and the son of Zeus. I'm amazed by all the Great stuff (Greek's myth stuff ) in this film, the Medusa, Hades (I know he's not one of the monster), the flying vampire-bat look alike UFO (That's really an unidentifying flying object), the Pegasus, the 3 witches and guess what? There's a cameo appearance by someone from Pirates of the Carribean!!!! Yes, it's the Kraken!!!! (Haha, but this one is much "good looking".)

The 3 witch with Perseus, aren't they look alike with that 3 witch sista in Hercules Disney version

I think the introduction can be simplify so that they can focus more on when Perseus travelling to find the witches with his gang, fighting with different Greek's myth monster. I think they can bring more monster in this movie, it's like kinda a little less for me. More fighting scenes. The death of Perseus's men like Draco, Ixas, Ozal and the rest makes me feel a little....hmm not that satisfy? Because in the end, it's Perseus to fight alone. I thought it will be more interesting to have someone as fighting partner for Perseus in the end. You know it's like involve some of the LOTR elements in it. By the way, the soundtrack is kinda cool as well (Love the soundtrack).

The absence of love story element makes this movie much better!!! (Sorry for love story lovers out there, but i think for Greek's myth should be involve more fighting in it...) The ending is a little too simple for Perseus to end. However, I think the climax of the story should be that one fighting Medusa. Actually I'm hoping they focus more on the surrounding of Hell....(I know I've been wanting so much from them.....haha)

Another Hero in this movie, Draco!!! Love him, he's only one of the Agros but able to help Perseus fight till the end. Love the part he turn into stone, still look cool with the grin.

Well, I get a little confuse when I watching this movie. I thought that Perseus is Hercules, ain't them just too similar. Later, I found out that Perseus is some sort like Hercules grand-grand-grandfather.....However, I saw Hercules met with the 3 witches that Perseus met in this movie. And meeting Hades and Zeus as well......Well, just some my personal opinion on both of them but I still like Hercules better, maybe they can involve him in Clash of Titans 2, and a series of Greek's myth can be release as movie as well.

As you wish, the Medusa, don't look her in the eye!!!!

Overall, this movie is great, don't get me wrong that I keep hoping that enhance this and that doesn't mean that this movie is a bored or poor movie. Clash of the Titans is worth to watch. Just a little more monster and fighting will be nice. The next series may talk about Apollo? Haha let's wait and see.

(PS: Iron Man 2 has officially invade Malaysia, saw the movie poster stand.....By the way, looking forward to Shutter Island, Prince of Persia as well....Robin Hood, hmm, considerable.)

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