Apr 1, 2010

April's fool, not so funny....

April's fool, a day where everyone will set someone as their target and prank on them. However, on 2003, someone gives a biggest prank ever.

Yes, it's Leslie Cheung.....the legend of Hong Kong artist, he can sing, he can act and he's talented. On 2003 April's fool, he gaves us a biggest "joke" ever, he commited suicide. Everyone thought that it is a prank or rumors.

However, this is true. Everyone is so shocked when find out the truth. I think he's way too young to end his life. I mean he shouldn't end his life, he's so talented!!! Not really know what is the reason for him to do that. But we know that his song and movie will remains and stay with us although he's gone.

He's the only chinese artist that I think that he can be a great singer and actor at the same times. Respect him as always. After this incident, April's fool is no longer funny for people in Hong Kong, as Leslie is really really really, I mean REALLY HUGE in Hong Kong as well as in places where there are chinese living it will at least know about him.
(PS : Love Leslie's Farewell to my concubine that movie.....check it out.)

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