Apr 16, 2010

Fight Club....Genius!

Want some soap?

David Fincher is a genius!!!! This movie is freakin awesome and I'm just wondering why it takes so damn long for me to watch this movie!!!

Starred by Brad Pitt, Edward Norton. Edward Norton's role who work for a car company having insomnia seeking the way to get rid of his stress and seek a way to sleep (Oh man, I'm having insomnia lately, will I become like Edward Norton's role...??). It's how funny that Edward stumble into the emotion or feeling sharing group for some disease diagnosed or sick people group and found out that it really help much when he cry and can release his tension away to sleep well. However, as time go by, he met Marla ( played by Helena Bonham Carter, who is one of them that collaborate the most with Tim Burton other than Johnny Depp and wife to Tim Burton as well.), a women that always go to feeling sharing group too and Edward is kinda afraid that she will reveal his identity that he is not a person diagnosed with the disease or sickness. So he was like wanna chase her off from the sharing group and what happened is that they actually exchange date so that they do not clash with each other for the feeling sharing group. The guys name Bob that Edward met in the group is really funny. Haha.

And after a while, edward didnt went for the sharing group anymore and fly here and there to work on his job. He met Brad Pitt on the plane and by coincidence, edward's house was blown up and turn out seeking help from Brad Pitt. Interesting part begins, they started live together and even fight together...and edward found that fighting is another way to release stress. After lot's of fight, with the help of Brad (he's kinda like a leader in this movie.....), they started a underground fighting club. They fight for free and getting more member to join. And classic one, the first rule of fight club you DO NOT talk about fight club!! When things get going, Brad is like starting recruiting a "military group" and start to do bad things that sometimes Edward not knowing about it. Edward get so confuse that he do not know what is Brad thinking and till one day, Brad left Edward.......He found that something is going wrong when he go over the place to search for Brad.

Yo, looks at Brad, he's damn hot in this movie......SERIOUSLY.

I mean the twisting ending is really cool but actually it can be known half way. But when you know about the ending and flashback on the previous scene, you're like : yes, yes it makes senses when Brad ask Edward to ask him the question and to punch him on his face. I mean seriously, this is smart movie. I LOVE this so much. And i love how they say that How much can you know about yourself if you never been in a fight? And how they show that people is a different people when they're in fight club and another morning, when they're working, they're the same old person doing things like they never enjoy to do. I mean this is so true. One scene of the movie, Brad say something like human want to survive that they are actually neglect and give up their ability and dreams. But seriously, how many of them out there can actually are chasing and working on their own dreams. They're working for a living.......

Tyler Durden?

I don't want to reveal the ending, I think it will be best to watch it yourself. Although I know most of the people watch this movie long time ago, but there might be few like me......( I really wonder why it takes so long for me to watch this movie....??? WHY!? ) And the part where Edward roll down from the stairs.....the stuntman takes about 12 takes for the shot and it came out that David Fincher use the first shot in the movie. (OMG...)

I really enjoy this movie, good storyline, good casting, good director, Man I love David Fincher!!!! Thumb up!!!

(PS: The illusionist will be the next that on my movie list.....add in something: Even though the ending reveal, but i don't think it affect badly on Brad's role at all.....I still can FEEL him!!! Ok, I should not talk so much......watch the movie and you'll know)

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