Feb 10, 2009

Man with suit.....

Personally....i think man looks really great in a fitted suit. No matter who you are, once you get yourself a suitable suit or plus a coat, there is sure mark added for your appearance.

There is few celebrities that i want to talk about....the man with a suit on.

I think i better start with the sexiest man of all time Brad Pitt. Well of course he looks good already and i think no matter what he wear that'll be a guarantee for him.

See...it works for him.

And even a very simple long sleeve shirt (base for suit ) makes Brad looks fantastic.


And the other guys that i want to talk about is Brad buddies aka the very classic example that all of us want to talk about when it comes to suit or coat....yes it's George clooney. Actually he's not that handsome for me although it is for everybody BUT.....he's like kinda gentlemen for me and although he not that good looking but errr he has the....should i say sense or what.

Hmm....good sense in picking the right suit.

Learn something from him....gentlemen

He is the only one that i feel that his hair...you know that is something about his hair to match with those suit. Just like what he did in the movie of leatherheads...i mean his hair. Actually in the beginning ( when i'm still young although i not old right now...), i dont like that king of hair though but that hair really works on this guy plus he has the salt and pepper type of hair so it makes him looks much more mature ( i think only ) Here's some example of him....


Simple and clean....not copy from KH.

And now i should talk bout a legendary not really our most handsome pilot of all time from the top gun.....Bingo it is Tom cruise.

He is handsome, yes when he is young and now i dont really think that he is good in wearing suit because from a few picture i search i just dont get it. But overall it is consider as passed.

Now i going to say one of my favourite actor....hehe. It is the Aussie hunk no doubt is Ewan mcgregor. Well dont have to say much just look at the picture.

He's hot in this.......

The young one i would say Joe jonas from The jonas brothers quite good in it. Young but have the right choice of suitable suit.

Here come my Ex....Keith Urban. I think that he dress quite well when attending his own award show like CMA and the Grammys but when it comes to his wife ( i dont want to mention who SHE is...) he dress uhmmm not that good....(personal opinion)

I guess this is a Australian hunk intrduction and now it's the turn of the latest sexiest man alive....the wolfman Hugh Jackman. This is a quite unique suit though. But i never thought that this'll be hugh jackman. Well outstanding. He deserves the crown for that.

'' I might turn to wolf ya....''

Jon did make a difference.

And of course i wont miss out Jon Bon Jovi ya. He's the most different compared all of them above because he can rock people out still with a suit on.....not many people can do that. See...( heart is pumping faster than ever by looking at the picture....) That's why he did for versace commercial. Rockstar style of suit

Last but not least......it's my honour to reveal the very respectful stylish man with nice suit.....i'm proudly present you the great Robert Dowey Jr ( this line copy from Ironman....hehe)


Dont know why but he just have the dare to try any kind of suit even some bright color one. But guess what he take the risk, and he make it.

Make it easy....relaxing!!!

Too many style of suit that robert downey jr have....which one you want? Chaplin style? Tony Stark style? Sherlock holmes style? But there is only the best and it is himself.

Playing teacher???

This is great.....i'm melted.

But he's a confidence kid.....err i mean guy......He looks great in coat, suit or even waistcoat. ( i have to mention that Keith Urban looks fabulous in waistcoat....)

Look at him......@.@

Man with suit? No...man with style.

So now it is the end of my very own opinion of suit on these guys......for some that really cool guys out there i might forget to say.....wait for next round ya. ( Damn i forgot Johnny Depp.....)


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u very yong xin ah...

super long de essay...

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man with suit are just awesome!!!!

Urbanae said...

Ken : ^_^
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