May 15, 2010

The Illusionist review

Nothing is what it seems.

Yes, another magic related movie. When a movie involving magic in it, it will never bored the audience since magic trick play a really vital role to capture the audience's interest and curiosity, but if a movie involving magic trick with a good storyline, it makes a great movie.

Sorry to tell Edward Norton that Robert Downey Jr has took Iron Man's role (we know that you want the role so much that you show the repulsor pose in this movie). The Hulk suits Edward more.

Directed by Neil Burger. Starred by Edward Norton (This guy is kinda good in acting...) and Jesicca biel (originally should be played by Liv Tyler, love this girl!!!) So it's a movie about a magician, fell in love with a girl named Sophie who has a higher social standard than him. Sophie's parents splits them apart and after few years, they met again where Edward Norton aka Eisenheim is a popular magician and Sophie is going to married to the Crown Prince Leopold. They're still in love and they try to figure how to escape and runaway from the prince.
Honestly, I will think that The Prestige is better than The illusionist (both about magician). The illusionist did not trigger the curiosity of the audience and the magic trick seems a little less and not that interesting. But I'll say that the ending is good. The Illusionist storyline is weaker than The Prestige as it is not fully packed (Gimme more!!!) and it seems they reveal the truth too fast and brief. If you're looking for a much simple movie, then The Illusionist will suits you.
But it still worth to watch. It's weird to watch Edward Norton with the beard. I''ll give 3 out of 5 stars.
(PS : Magic trick is the only thing that can fool the people where the people still feel good about it. Where we know magic is not real but the feeling that it gives us is really "magical". No offend to all magician out there. Hollywood should consider doing more "magic" movie.)

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