May 15, 2010

5 cars that KILLS!

I may not be a good driver (I love driving slow, and I hate Big Truck or Giant Bus approaching to my car), and I may not know much about car....


There're some cars that can kill their sexy body shape, nice curve and lovely looks which is much better than hollywood hunks or hotties!!!

Let's see who (I mean which car...) top my list!!!


Yes, I'm pretty fancy with AUDI car because I love the four rings.....(NOPE!!!) Of course because of their classy curvy head in front and sexy body shape, LOOK AT THE CURVE OF THE BODY!!! Seriously, R8 looks more like a high tech, cool sports car yet still can be that classy (Only AUDI can made this kinda sports car....just MY point of view. Why so serious???)

Looks at this, imagine driving one on the road......(don't worry about my safety, I'll drive slowly...)

And, looks at his butt!!! (ehem, I mean back.)

I can't help myself from touching it (, it's just a's legal to touch it's back.) I prefer the silver R8 although the white one looks great too. With blue light, R8 will complete me.

BENTLEY Continental GT or Series 51:

Bentley flying spur is great but I'll prefer Bentley Continental GT!!!! It's way too COOL!!! And Series 51 is not bad too since it got a convertible roofs (Freakin looking good in white one.)

It's looks too comfortable to be in Bentley Continental GT.
And here comes Series 51.....(I'm so dead because he looks freakin hot in white!) Wow.....

Mazda 6 :

It's simply because it would be a nice family drive car. I mean it's not neccessary to be MPV or SUV. Mazda 6, for me, it would be really nice car for a family. Yea, love it simple and still lookin' kinda cool. Red or silver would be nice.

Yea, feel good driving Mazda 6 around.

Porsche Spyder hybrid :

After some family hunks or sweetheart being introduce, here come some bad boys hotties!!! Take a look, and you'll know why it kills me!!

NOOOOO WAYYY!!! It's too dreamy!!!!

Oh god, how can a butt looks this great....ehem sorry, I'm trying to hold myself. With this drive, it's shame to drive slow on the road.

Hummer :
If it's all about safety, I would want a Hummer sooooo bad!!!! Hummer H3X would be fine for me because Hummer H6 might be way too big.

Hummer is a really tough guy-like car. But with modification, they can look great too. Hummer in white looks damn classy for real!! The advantage of hummer is, when somebody hit your car, you will feel like you hit their car, or should i use the word crash?

Now here is an extra, I found out that I'm pretty in love with Mustang too.....
At first, I was like, no way, Mustang is not my type....but after spent some times with them...(Translation : After some observation....) They ain't that bad and look great too.

Eleanor....this is cool.

Classic car....with some modification, Mustang can look much better than the others.

(PS : I don't like Mary the little Lamb.....means Lamborgini, not my types.)

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