May 25, 2010

Video Games Soundtrack

Or so called music of video games, or I will like to say the soul of a game.

The soundtrack of a video games gives live to the game. Let's imagine, what will happen if a game without any background music or soundtracks? No matter how great that the game is or how great is the storyline or game playing....there will be nothing if without any background music and sound effect.

Here are some of the most popular music composer for game in Japan....Akira Yamaoka, Kaoru Wada and Yoko Shimomura.

Akira Yamaoka
Akira Yamaoka is well known for composing music for the silent hill entire series. Yes, it's silent hill!!! Although it is a freakin creepy game, the music itself might be one of the most beautiful or BEST soundtracks of all the horror game series. I would highly recommend Silent Hill 2 original soundtrack by Akira. The soundtrack is so beautiful, yet a little spooky and some of them might creep you out!!! Promise is one of the most popular soundtrack in Silent Hill 2 where when you listen to it, you kinda feel like you're walking in the town of silent hill and the melody is nice and beautiful. Theme of Laura, Angel's Thanados and Suicidal Dream will be the music involving some rock genre in it, and it sounds really nice (Maybe Akira should make a rock album if he look for something new, I heard that he's quiting the silent hill series, but I thought the game ald come to an end??) The darkness that lurk in our mind and Black Fairy will be something like "Hell no, the pyramid head is behind you!!!" or something like the nurses is coming!!! Yes, those creepy and horrify monster scene will start flashing in your mind!

You never wanna met this guy....The Pyramid Head!!! Wonder how he looks like???

I think Akira really did a good job on this. He really show the personalitites or the feeling of the game character and the game itself in this soundtrack! Can you imagine how hard it is for the music composer to compose music that fit the story.

The next one will be the music composer for Kingdom hearts (My all time favourites!!!) which are Yoko Shimomura and Kaoru Wada!

Yoko Shimomura

Kaoru Wada

I think Kingdom Hearts's soundtracks suits everybody and it fits every scene in Kingdom hearts. And it is a coorperation between Disney and Square Enix. What do you expect when you got the best soundtracks of both animation and games company come together!!! Some of Disney familiar music will be re-composed in this game like Beauty and the Beast, Alladin, Mermaid, Pirates of the Carribean~~~which sound refreshing and fit to the game and new music is composed for the game itself!

This game is awesome!!!

The original music by Kaoru Wada like Dearly Beloved and Showdown in Hollow Bastion are really awesome and whenever I heard of Dearly Beloved, I will think of the continue game or exit game scene....(Emm, haha, okay it's really true that when you "died" in the game, this will be the soundtrack....but there is another scene using this soundtrack too... ) Sunset horizons and Fate of the Unknown are the another music that I really like where it remind me of the fighting scene of chaser in final mix!

Ya, the chaser scene!!! The keyblade is killin' me!!!

The music of Kingdom hearts makes the gamers feel like they're in that place or conditions whenever the music is playing. It's like when they playing A Day In Agrabah then you'll know you're in some places like desert which is the Alladin's world. Well, I love Traverse Town and Twillight Town music theme the most, because it sounds so peaceful. Every world or town in KIngdom hearts has their own theme's music. And this is the role of Yoko Shimomura for composing all the background music in this game!!

Besides that, the character's theme song is totally fit with the character itself. Like when you listen to Riku's theme song, you're like feeling a little sadness but it's like full with memories in the music because it's Riku's character. While for Roxas, it sound a little mystery but totally full of sadness, because he only a "Nobody" in the game which makes you felt what Roxas feel. He don't have a heart and he only a clones of someone. While for Sora, it's very cheerful and something sounds like royal-like, because he's the CHOSEN ONE and he's always full of hopes and brave enough to face any obstacles.

I take a bow and salute to all video game music composer out there because I think they really put more effort than we know and try to complete the game and make it better. They compose the music to make the game more lively which gave the gamers the best to play the game. But honestly, there's still many of the gamers don't know the name of the music composer eventhough they play the game and love the music. Remember, whenever you feel fear, feel challenge or feel like fighting the boss while playing a game and listening to the background music, try to figure out who are the one who compose the music and make you feel like you're in the game!

(PS: Not only music composer, but there are many things else like game director, company, graphics and on and on~~~~Appreciate them!)

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