May 5, 2013

Unboxing my Iron Man happiness

This happened before CNY (I know it took so long but seriously the excitement still overwhelm me!). I have no idea since when I become an Iron Man fans. Not those die hard comic book fans but I really like Iron Man, just doing some sewing of Iron Man dolls, painting a canvas of Iron Man himself and owning some Iron Man stuff and go crazy once in a while if I saw anybody with Iron Man tee, or random Iron Man figurine (I've tried once to snatch from a kid, just the urge to, I didn't really do that because Iron Man won't do something like this!)

Long story cut short, I was so sick one day and wandering at Sunway Pyramid, out of sudden I noticed that the DC shop has turned into a Marvel Superheroes shop.....BEST THING EVER HAPPENED! No offend to DC fans, I'm actually thinking to buy one Green lantern tee. I was at 39 degree Celsius and with puffy eye due to allergy that day, imagine that condition which mean at any moment, I could have hug random people in the mall thinking that they are Robert Downey Jr or Tony Stark himself, well basically it's the same thing.

Then I hop into the shop and feel like I was landed at the island in Lost which I feel I have cured (I'm not a Ham) the moment I step into the shop and try on one of the Iron Man tee I fell in love with. After that, I was going to pay for that but then I flip the price tag and immediately put back and hop away (We knew what happened right?).

The Marvel Paper Bag that almost make me cry!

Few days later, my mom ask me to go to my room immediately...where I still suffer from depression over that Iron Man tee. And I saw a bag!!!! A Marvel bag, Marvel paper bag, with awesome artwork on it!! Inside the bag was another bag, oh man it's like the Russian doll where surprise get better and better. It's another bag, but with Iron Man artwork on it.....

Super cool, right?
Inside the Iron Man bag, is two little cute tiny box, it's Iron Man tissue box! So cute, I will never use it! But my mom suggest that I can use the tissue and keep the box since the tissue got nothing Iron Man on it. Mom's advice always the best but I still didn't use it. And coolest thing is inside the tissue box is Tony Stark face. Oye, almost fainted! Sooooo adorable!

Tiny little Iron Man!
That's not all yet. There is a paper wrapper inside, something similar to bacon paper wrapper but we ain't got any bacon in it's the Iron Man limited edition tee in it. (Now I want the new Iron Man tee, human is always begging for more!) This is what my parents did, a surprise for me. 

All the things, there is some sticker too!

To me, my parents is close to, maybe better than Iron Man. Okay they are better. This meant so much to me and my happiness meant so much to them! And I just want to tell them, "I will protect the one thing that I can't live without, that's you, mummy and daddy!"

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