May 25, 2013

Pee Mak Churp Churp Preview Screening

The last time I went to the cinema and watch a Thai horror movie has restricted myself from stepping into the cinema to catch another Thai horror movie again. Because Thai is so good in making horror movie that till now I still remember that ghost from the last horror movie I watched named Chaba (Damn it! It's time to let "her" go!).

Then, Churp Churp offer me a chance to catch another highest grossing Thai horror movie, Pee Mak. I was like, "Why not give it a second shot?" Life is too short to scare of all the things and not to do anything. So....I brought my parents with me.....(IMMA COWARD AND I KNOW IT!) 

That's it! More than what I expected!
Iron Man jacket, CHECKED (Make me braver), Popcorns, CHECKED (Give me distraction from the horror elements, oops!), Chicken tenders, CHECKED (Give me energy to stay through the movie in case I fainted).....more like a picnic to me (this is what happened when you were having a movie with your parents, they ask me if I want a burger proud of having them!)

Then the movie starts.....

I was having the hardest time of my life for laughing so hard until the movie ends!

The movie is about Mak, the main character with his friends coming back from wars and back to their home. Mak's friends found that Mak's wife, Nak is a ghost and try to convince him to leave her and in the ends, the movie keep trigger any suspicious on who in the group is the real ghost?

First of all, the character in the movie is so outstanding and all of them with unique characteristic and it were well played by all the actors and actress. Every single lines and gestures by them in the movie trigger the laughing bugs and I laugh till I cry. It was so funny but in the meantime it was so mystery that not knowing which of them is the ghost.

The movie plot is awesome as well, well planned by the writers and lot of twist in it. It has sentimental elements in it as well as romance. I never knew that a comedy horror movie can be this COMPLETE! I was overwhelmed and satisfied by the movie. A Thai horror movie is always good but a Thai horror movie that is good and extremely funny yet satisfying, Pee Mak is the one!

I have to ask all Malaysian to watch this movie, because it is really good and funny and for sure, worth it and you won't regret that you watch it. I actually thinking of going for the movie for second time! Double thumbs up and Mario Maurer is so dang cute as Mak!

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