Mar 10, 2011

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Review : Nice storyline with impact ending

One of the film that lead you through the movie with simple storyline but hit you hard with a powerful impact ending!

A beautiful friendship across the fence.

This is a novel based movie with the same title. The movie is almost the same with the novel itself and director Mark Herman present the movie in the most origin way, simple, without much effect or fluctuation. You won't found the movie dull at all although the movie basically don't have much climax in it. But it meant so much. It's not simply just a movie.

David Thewlis with the boy, Bruno.

Looking at the title, it is refer to a boy named Shmuel that is seen dressed weirdly where he wore the striped pyjamas all the time by the lead actor (I guess so), the little boy Bruno. This story took place during the Nazi's war. Bruno is the son to Ralf (David Thewlis) who is an army which has been promoted to a new post in a countryside. In the so-called new home, Bruno found that there's some farmers always dressing with pyjamas as well. Soon enough, Bruno went to "explore" over the place and found out that those people aren't just people wearing striped pyjamas.

The story is based on what happened to Jews and Nazi back to that time so the striped pyjamas people are actually all Jews and s prisoned by the German. Bruno had no idea at all on this "German can't make friends with Jews" thingy when he reach there and he make friend with Shmuel, the only friend he had over there. The innocent of this young kid is destroyed by the current circumstances happened back to that time where his father work for Hitler and the family support the concept as well.

Can we still be friend?

The innocent in a child is so pure and beautiful but in this film, it is vansihed by what the adults did. The relationship between Bruno and Shmuel is brought out beautifully in this movie where both eight years old become friends without looking at one's races, status or the appearance. I love the scene where showing how happy is Bruno when he knew that Shmuel is same age with him. And Bruno question over Shmuel's name where he never heard someone called Shmuel as well as Shmuel never heard someone with a name called Bruno (As one of them is German and another is Jews, the concept is like no one ever heard someone called Urbanae!).

As they proceed with their friendship, Bruno has been influenced by the surrounding where he's live with the Nazis, his dad hired a tutor that taught him on the history of the German and he started to questioned that why German shouldn't befriend with Jews ( What had Jews done to them till that they are not allowed to do this and that! ).

This is the part that your heart will start struggling.

You can see how Bruno's innocent mind started to be corrupted by the world of the adult and he wonder that whether he should friend Shmuel. One of the scene in the movie where Bruno lie and lead Shmuel into trouble. But after that, Bruno is sad and guilt on what he done and he try his best to look for Shmuel and apologize to him. You can see how the two's relationship grow purely but it is obstructed by the circumstances. The director is really good where he didn't let the actor and actress outshine but keep the audiences focus on the kids and the storyline.
The ending is the impact in this movie (although it is predictable for me....). I wouldn't give out any spoiler but reaching to the end, you will find that you will have a feeling that you're struggling whether to continue watching ( Kind of....not that the storyline is not that good in the end.). The movie itself, for some of you, you might feel like the pace is slow but it's actually just nice and it well explained the storyline to the audience. It's a heart touching story, I'm amused by how the director present this movie. The ending is very remarkable that it will leave you to think of what happened to the movie, how the pureness of the kids is being destroyed and the moral in it. I think the director did really well for the ending. Personally, I feel guilty and stucked with speech and go blank with my mind after watching the ending. And I keep having the ending scene in my mind for the past few days. I'm highly recommended this movie and we shall have more movie like this one.
"Childhood is measured out by sounds and smells and sights, before the dark hour of reason grows."
( PS : I never felt like this before after watching the movie, left a comment and tell me how you feel after watching it! :) )

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