Mar 12, 2011

UPDATES : Oldman's Dark Knight RISES, Downey's Iron Man DROWN?

The most anticipated superheroes movie from both DC and Marvel will be none other than Batman the Dark Knight and Iron Man! Both of them emerged at the same time and now the net is spreaded with the news of both film progress on the filming, casting and the script as well!

It seems like Dark Knight Rises has been given with lotta attention lately by the press as Commissioner Gordon aka Gary Oldman has been spilling the Batman beans around while promoting for his latest film Red Riding Hood. He didn't really revealed on what and how's the Batman 3 going to be but he did give some HINTS ( This hint gave us a bad head scratching and brain squeezing... )~

Gordon is much lip-sealed this time on the progress of Batman after the last incident where he "leaked" the date of filming Batman 2 during comin-con.

Gary Oldman says that director Nolan has come up with a cracking script and storyline and Gary told that it will connected back to Batman Begins, the first one. And, according to trusted source, Commisionner Gordon, he says that the villains is from the old, old....way back to the old comics and it's not going to be Joker ( But I thought Nolan said that Joker will have a brief cameo where they shoot during Batman 2 before Heath left us. ) So, here's the's an old villain, a real old one. We already have Catwoman and Bane on the set. It's impossible that Gary is refering Bane as an old, old villain from the old comics, so this means that there's going to be another villain in Batman 3?

Well, maybe he's refering to Joseph Gordon Levitt's character who's a mob boss's son, Alberto Falcone? Or will it be any villains from back to the few Batman movies before Nolan directing? Riddler and Mr. Freeze is out of the league according to Nolan....and the villain may not be a name so Urbanae will give it a bet on either Black Mask or the Calendar Man ( High bet on Calender Man )!! You know Gary is saying something like there's a villain from old comics, and it's not Nolan's style to give the audiences just Bane and Alberto Falcone in his last Batman film! So there must be something BIG Nolan haven't revealed yet! I don't know but Calendar Man will make a great stoyline where it will match with what Gary Oldman said, "It will top Batman the Dark Knight and you will never get disappointed!" We hear your words, Mr. Oldman!

Iron Man flying solo?
Back to the Marvel! Well, the biggest headline on Iron Man after Iron Man 2 will probably be director Jon Favreau leaving and not directing Iron Man 3 ( Awww man, I thought he worked pretty well with Downey and the film is good! ). Downey was quite sad on Favreau's departure and he says that it will be weird to film Iron Man 3 without Jon Favreau. Is Tony Stark losing his faith....(To tell the truth, I'm a bit worry on Iron Man 3 too.)?

That's the guy to give a push on Stark and armor him with the new Iron Man suit, Shane Black will be directing Iron Man 3.

Of course Marvel will not let the director seat to be empty. They get Shane Black, the director of Lethal Weapon and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang to replace Jon Favreau. Shane Black did some "shout-out" before starting to filmIron Man 3 kinda calm me down a bit. He says that Marvel wasn't really happy with the Iron Man suit fighting among two men in Iron Man 2. They will go to a new direction which will be more like a Tom-Clancy inspired thriller having Iron Man to fight with some REAL villains! I'm kinda agree with Shane Black on this! Iron Man's villains are always not that interesting and kinda "weak" if compared to the Dark Knight's villains. I have a pretty good feeling on Iron Man 3 villains and so far they have no news on any casting for Iron Man 3 yet but Shane Black is writting the script.

One thing to know that Iron Man 3 will come only after the Marvel biggest masterpiece, the Avenger, the gather of Marvel superheroes together. This project will makes all the Marvel geek scream and faint! So far, they are having Captain America, Thor, Hulk and of course Stark aka Iron Man himself onboard the Avengers! This is quite anticipating! Not very sure how will be the outcomes of both Dark Knight Rises and Iron Man 3 but both will be a great piece of flicks in 2012 or 2013. One thing for sure, Gary Oldman will be killed by "them" when he asked to revealed some bits on Batman 3, he says if he do so, he will killed by the people in DC. In the end, Mr. Gary Oldman, he can't help himself and spilled some details on The Dark Knight Rises. Well, that's all right because this is the last sequel right. Unless Oldman consider to continue to be Gordon again for the next Batman flick! By the way, we love Gary Oldman so much especially whenever he spilled or leaked something!

(PS : Wow, so it looks like Dark Kight Rises will come out before Iron Man 3. Let's see who will win the round 3 this time! )

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