Mar 29, 2011

Sweet dream at Dreamz Bakery

Was craving for some sweet stuffs past few days (...all the time...) and instead of having daydream on those sweet stuffs, this freakin' teriffy sweet tooth went out and hunt for the "You-Know-What". (Just a reminder Harry Potter 7 Part 2 is near~) Heard this bakery from a friend that the "You-Know-What" can be found here. After a few minutes, minutes and minutes wandering around, finally......the bakery has come to me. Seriously, you can't really find the bakery if you don't put full attention, observation giving the bakery owner a call to ask for direction (Cough!)! No worry! As an experience explorer, Urbanae would like to guide you guys STEP BY STEP to this fantasy, lovely and beautiful little bakery.....the Dreamz Bakery! The "You-Know-What" will be revealed soon.
Spot the "You-Know-What" bakery, got it?

Yes, this tiny little bakery located to somewhere near Kota Damansara. To state clearly, it's located at the Strand and just next to Giant shopping center ( I know you would love to look at the food instead of listening/"reading" me babbling on the direction patience!). Once you reach the Strand, search for the road of 5/20 D. It's better to tell you in this way, it's just next to Giant. You will then come across a hotel with the blue signboard and yes, you won't be seeing the bakery around yet's on the third floor (above the My Kidz Pitstop).

The entrance to Dreamz Bakery.

Well, then you will reach the entrance to the Dreamz's cute right? You will now reach a lift and you will need to get into the lift and press the 3rd floor button and you will reach a new level (Level upgraded!).

Open the door!

Congrats, you're now reach the Dreamz Bakery~

The counter and the cake display stands. Fancy!

The chalkboard on 1 + 1 = 2. Nope, it's the menu!

The place is not big, it's actually quite be honest. But you can choose to take away or you can try to "dine-in" as well. It's much like eating at home or a room of a teenage girl (Ehem, boyz....I mean the teenage girl's room is cute, don't try to think another way around.). They don't have a menu. But you can ask the owner over there to recommend you ( something to eat...the signature dishes....the drinks....). She's quite nice though. Okay, now, I will proudly present you the "You-Know-What"!!!

"Tada" Yes, it's the cake.....but not simply just a cake,'s the legendary layer cake or better known as the crepe layer cake!

They have some fruit tarts, tiramitsu and puff too.

Of course, I need to order some signature cake when I get there. So, I get myself two layer cakes, vanilla flavor and dark chocolate flavor (You don't know how much I'm into dark chocolate, I'm a Dark Chocolate addict! "ignore this but highly welcome if you want to buy me some dark chocolate"), a cup of hot mocha and the baked pudding!

Feel like having high tea in British style.

The vanilla layer cake, smooth and aromatic~

Dark chocolate layer cake, a PASS from an addict, me!

The baked pudding.

The layer cake.....I gotta give 2 thumbs up for that! The vanilla flavor is really nice. You can feel the vanilla and butter dancing on your tastebuds. Okay, this is the literature version, so back to the reality. It's smooth but yet you can feel the layers in the layer cake, it's just so unbelievable. I always thought that this can only happened in japanese anime like those french bakery anime. The dark chocolate flavor layer cake is....oh yeah! I like it! But I will like it to be slightly bitter, just a little bit more will be perfecto for me! This one is smoother than the vanilla flavor, you will feel like you're eating mousse cake but with layer in it. The baked pudding is okay for me but seldom to see that a pudding is decorated that nice in a bakery. The portion is a little bit small for the baked pudding, sorry I'm a barbarian style eater.....! The beverage is normal. I will highly recommend the cakes!

You can leave message there too! Try to spot Urbanae's message if you're there!

So, once you have finish eating, you can leave a message on the message "net" in Dreamz Bakery! There are plenty types of cakes at Dreamz Bakery but my bad luck that the another day I went, they don't have the green tea flavor cake. Was craving for that one. As for the price, it's a little bit pricey than coffee bean or secret recipe, but they didn't include government tax. But then think again, making a layer cake is different from making other cake. They put in more efforts and the taste there is nice, lovely, bravo! So, I think that it's worth the price!

Address :

Dreamz Bakery

My Kidz Pitstop Center (3rd Floor)

58-3, The Strand, Jalan PJU 5/20D

Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara

47810, Petaling Jaya.

Contact number : 012-6265502

(PS : What a nice bakery! Urbanae have a great sleepwalk to Dreamz Bakery! They design 3D cake too! Hunting for meats for next round! Stay tuned! )


Nava.K said...

The baked pudding looks so mouth watering, surely the type I will choose from a bakery although not really into pastries.

Urbanae said...

Nava : Ya, you should go and give a try on this bakery. The cake is real nice. Oh calories~

Old Beng said...

The dark chocolate layer cake looks so nice, uncle drooling~~

Urbanae said...

Oh, Uncle Old Beng also like dark chocolate? Haha. :D

Old Beng said...

Yes, influenced by my cha-bo-lang

铭洁~ said...

trying to there...
but my father dun consent me...