Mar 29, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S review : Sleeky Cool Smartphone

Urbanae ( Me ) consider "itself" as quite a gadget kidz ( Ya, kidz yo! ). From console to music or MP4 player and be honest, I didn't put much focus on the phone industry unless the phone really grab my attention. And how cool is that recently Nuffnang G+ offering me a chance to have a review on Samsung Galaxy S which is a phone that can give me a "Whoa" other than Steve Jobs's toy-iPhone or the another one of my favourite would be LG. So, I got the chance to play on this sleeky cool gadget and "explore" the Samsung Galaxy S!

Looking cool right?

So, this is my very own opinion on this sleeky toy Samsung Galaxy S after playing with it for days. It's pretty cool anyway!

Samsung Galaxy S in hand!

People or phone geek have been saying that iPhone and Blackberry or HTC is the biggest competitors and the top gears in the phone industry. Well then I guess they have miss out Samsung. I have no idea why Samsung Galaxy S didn't get the response like iPhone and Blackberry did. To be truthful, I think that it's actually a really cool smartphone. So, what is so cool about Samsung Galaxy S :

-AMOLED display/Graphics : We know what Samsung always good at! The display! Ya, they are having this AMOLED display for Samsung Galaxy S. The graphic is sharp, clear and vivid. As an iPhone user myself (shhhhhh....), I think that Samsung Galaxy S's AMOLED display crowned in the phone industry. Thumbs up for that! Always impressed by Samsung screen display!

-Responsive touch screen/Large screen displays : The touch screen is sensitive. Response faster than some other phone on the market. And the screen display is large and clear. All I gotta say is Samsung Galaxy S will make you visually satisfy!

-Slim : Low fat.....*ehem*. Well, if you grab the Samsung Galaxy S in your might think that there is an illusion happening. Samsung Galaxy S is no doubt looks wide and large. But, it's really light. Samsung Galaxy S weight only 119 g, healthy baby weight!!! It's actually quite thin as well but just slightly wider, for the screen's sake!

-5 megapixels camera/720p HD video recording : Well, I think this is more than enough unless you're looking for higher megapixels camera. The features of the camera is good. At least you can have few options to choose.....

-Social Hub feature : As a big twitter and social networking geek, this is useful for me! The feature looks quite cool too.

Yes, done with the satisfying factors of Samsung Galaxy S part. So what's so ain't-that-cool about Samsung Galaxy S then :

-Android system : Okay, I know this sound rather silly but I can't get it, I just can't get used to Android system. The browser is not attractive and it's just not my cup of tea...yet. Maybe it should be Android's responsibility on this. Hope that they can update on this one! Make it more attractive and convenient~

-No flash : What!? Yup, no flash for the camera. Awwwww~

-Battery : Not the battery life. Was quite shock to see there's a battery for Samsung Galaxy S! I'm hoping there will have a built in battery. Ya know just to looks much cooler. I actually feel weird when I have to place in the battery. Okay, it's just a personal opinion. By the way, the battery life is real cool, it can last for quite some times. No worry on that!

-Memory : We need more!!!! Memory play a vital role nowadays, from concole to music player, no exception to phone! You know you need to put in Apps, video, photos, music files.....and bla bla bla. So, Samsung please do the maths and give us more MEMORY~

Overall, Samsung Galaxy S is a really cool smartphone and it's on my phone wishlist as well. The screen display is really mesmerizing! No kidding here! I'm highly recommend the screen.....(I'm being a little bit too hyper. Ignore me please!) The touch screen is good! Only that I was really really shock about no flash for the camera....I mean like WHAT!! (=.=''.....I need to show this expression.....) and the battery....haha! A nice phone, cool looking and functional.....of course, it's functional but it's offer more than my expectation!

(PS : Cool review anyway! I'm not praising my own review writting but my product review experience. Hope that i will offered with more product review soon. How about an iPad 2? Ehem.)

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