Apr 7, 2011

Another Marvel superhero in action : Captain America saves the world!

It's been a long wait for the Marvel fans! And here it is, Captain America is HERE! The first Avenger finally joined the Marvel superheroes gang in the big screen, well we still have to wait for The Avengers for them to reunite! You can see that how Captain America aka Steve Roger as a sick, thin, young, tiny man before he is transformed into a super soldier by injecting an experimental serum to help the America fighting in world war. And here it is, the brand new trailer of Captain America.

How's that? Captain America looks much better after transformed from a sick kid to a masculine soldier armored with the signature shield. Wonder whether you notice something, some familiar face in this trailer? C'mon, give me some guessing....Yes, it's Mr. Stark! Not Tony Stark but it's Tony Stark aka Iron Man's father aka Howard Stark. He's helping in inventing Captain America armed forces as well as for the States and the shield as well! You can see a brief appearance of Captain America's shield in Iron Man 2 too. Oh man, it's getting closer, the platform for the Avengers is well builded. We will see how's like after Thor and Captain America hit the big screen. I can't wait for it!!!!! Bring it on, Marvel!

By the way, a mystery symbol has been spreading all over the nation recently (Ehem, back to our country, not the Marvel universe.). It’s a never seen before phenomenon, unlike those UFO sighting. People start to notice this symbol almost everywhere in the nation (on hill top, paddy field, on the surface of river and you can notice some on the newspapers too….)! What is THAT symbol? It didn’t look like one of those crops cycle thingy. But it looks rather like an unidentified and mystery symbol. There’s a picture captured with the symbol near KLCC below.

See the symbol?

So, where is this this symbol comes from? Is this an invasion of something? Or a phenomenon presign? No one has able to explain what is this so far. This is absolutely not captured in one of the film making set of war of world and not the reflection of the building lighting, it can’t even be explained from the perspective of physics because it is IMPOSSIBLE to reflect a symbol like that with the lighting of the building of KLCC twin tower! So, have you guys been notice or see any of this symbol around lately? This symbol just looks so….unique, well I guess so as I really have no idea what it is. I’m really wonder what is it. Have anyone of you guys have any idea what it is?

(PS : This is really weird! Urbanae is diggin’ what is this symbol, it don’t look like we can decipher it as a code or something like that….just weird.)

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