Apr 8, 2011

Harry Potter Domestic Violence Problem!

As we know Harry Potter has a bad habits of stealing things from Voldemort, the sorcerer's stone, the diary (oh boy, it's bad to read at people's diary, especially Voldemort's!), the ring ( shouldn't have let Potter watch Lord of the Rings, Gollum loves to steal rings! ) and in the end, Voldemort's wand! Now the truth is finally revealed!

Why this poor little kid loves to steal things, and by that we hopes that Voldemort can forgive this kid. Harry Potter lacks of parental loves since his parents died and when he grown up, he met with his godfather, Sirius Black where he thought that finally he can get some loves from Sirius. But who knows! The hidden truth behind Sirius Black!

Sirius Black get caught for his domestic violence on Potter! ( Click on the photo for the motion, it's a gif file. )

Since the photo is not moving on my blog post, sigh...give it a try on this link : http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lduvmq34er1qbryyno1_400.gif

Ya, Potter has been suffered from Black's domestic violence since he follows his godfather! This is the reason causing his stealing habits. Okay, I should stop all this bullshit before I get whacked from a bunch of Potter fans! This is just a behind the scenes from Order of Phoenix where Gary Oldman aka Sirius Black is playing with Daniel Racliffe! I just found that it is quite fun and share with all the Potter fans (Myself an Oldman fans.). Haha! So now, Voldemort knows why!

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