Apr 15, 2011

Catherine Zeta Jones, moody and not so happy?

Catherine Zeta Jones has revealed that she's battling with bipolar disorder by checking herself in a mental health facility seeking for a treament. First of all, Urbanae, ehem....Dr. Urbanae will like to explain what is Bipolar Disorder (new term of the day).

Bipolar Disorder : A manic depressive disorder, elevated of hypomania......in short, mood swings or being moody, depress or in irritable mood.

We knew that Catherine's hubby, Michael Douglas was battling with throat cancer last year and it is linked with her bipolar disorder which stress her out during that period. Both of them having a hard times, but be strong!

Bring back the Happy Catherine Zeta Jones~

Catherine is diagnosed for bipolar disorder type 2 which is less severe compared to type 1. I mean it's good for her, at least she's checking herself into clinic and seeking for treatment instead of being moody "all by herself" which could possibly gives a bad outcomes. Just give my best wish to Catherine, get well soon and be happy!

(PS : I loves the Douglas-Jones couples and I knew both of them will be strong and get over all these.)

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Jayson said...

Really? I love Catherine Zata Jones since like I was a kid! My god I can't believe! Are you sure of this? I love her role with Renee Zellweger.

Jayson of Online Ninja