Apr 15, 2011

The Official Lounge F1 After Party 2011

Grand Prix F1 has been a massive phenomenon and hot topics in town where all the F1 racers gather around and race at Malaysia Sepang circuit for the past week! We have party, events, autography sessions, interview and anything related to F1 happenings in KL! This is another sports event where the Malaysians go crazy about other than football and badminton.

Urbanae was once a crazy F1 fans back to the ages where the battle of Schu and Mika (Schumacher and Heikkinen, of course I'm with McLaren.....that was a long long long story to tell "start telling own story.....") So, with this hottest sport events in town....there's some premiere race party as well! One of this race party including the Grand Prix Official After Party that held at Grand Millenium KL! My pleasure to get invited to the party as well! Urbanae going to partay!

The entrance of the Official Lounge party!

Notice : Partay from 9pm to 3 am in the morning!

So, this after party is mainly for the drivers, teams and celebrities. Urbanae is not the drivers or in the F1 crews (OBVIOUSLY!), so I guess I'm one of the celebs then....Ehem! What's in a party?? Beers, music, chit-chatting and some dancing!!!

You can see big stacks of beers EVERYWHERE!!!

Of course, some Black Label!!!

The After Party is in Pulse. It's a pretty big place than I thought when I first step in as you need to go upstairs and there's few places for you to hang out, you can sit at the round table, the cold dancing zone (That's really cold!), the balcony or just chit-chatting with your friends at the standing bars!

Nice view from the balcony! It's rainy outside~

Uh oh, guess what?

Grab a pint of Carls!

Basically, you get into the party and drink, drank, drunk. Variety of beverage for you to choose! They have fruit juice too and the bartender strongly recommend to me (Probably because I look like a kiddie....as usual!)! One thing I love about the Official Lounge is that it won't be too packed, you know, with a big crowd that you can barely breath! You just went there, relax, chill out and have some drinks!

Guest chit chatting~

DJ Stephen Day and DJ Tommy Karlsson in the house!!! Love their remixes!

Just some random shot that I found that it's quite cool! No, I'm not DRUNK...yet!

Some Carls girl will be serving you in the party, just FYI, Carls stand for Carlsberg (in my term)! All the guests are having some great times, and by the way....the guest is requested to be dress in race glamour, so Glamorous!

People everywhere!

The balcony zone!

Carls girl!

Some guest in the walkway to the balcony.

Love this! Chill Johnnie Walker! Who wants some?

Urbanae leave the party quite early, 11pm something.....well I can feel someone calling me to perform Inception, the dreams within dreams and falls into the Limbo zone, okay, okay the truth is I'm tired (Old folks!)! If I'm still drinking, I will probably get into the Limbo zone faster. It's cool anyway! At least I have a new experience of going to different events and party! And on my way back, I saw this!!!

Our Lotus!!!!!

Where is our Lotus going?

(PS : Congrats on Vettel's winning! I'm actually with Button and Hamilton.....shhh!)

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